Three Rivers star, Alex O'Loughlin completed his Donate Life Ambassador training on-set last week along with 20 other cast and crew. Alex will be wearing his Donate Life pin on screen begining with episode three. Alex is excited about working with Donate Life to help inspire Americans to register as an organ, eye & tissue donor. The clip below is of Alex speaking about organ donation on the Doctor's Show.

Thank you Tenaya Wallace, Campaign Director, Donate Life Hollywood for all your work on Three Rivers.

To learn more about Donate Life Hollywood, please visit there web site.
To register to be an organ donor in California, please visit Donate Life California
To register to be an organ donor in your state please click HERE


Nancy said…
That's wonderful news! Alex and the other cast and crew members must be so excited! They are very dedicated to this cause, as we all are! Thanks so much for all your hard work, Tenaya! And thanks for sharing the news, Glenn!
Anonymous said…
Congrats to Alex! He's a beautiful person and clearly organ donation awareness has become close to his heart. I will be registering and talking to those close to me about it thanks to Alex's involement, through which I've already learned a lot.