Different cities all around the United States celebrate the New Year in different ways. A nearly 800 pound peach is dropped in downtown Atlanta, in Philadelphia they celebrate with the famous Mummers Parade on Broad Street and in Pasadena, Cali., more than 700,000 people line the streets to watch (and thousands more via television around the world) the Tournament of Roses Parade.

On January 1, Baltimore native Tarrence Regan-Mitchell will be honored, along with 76 other organ, eye and tissue donors who in their passing saved, healed and gave hope to thousands of people in need. Tarrence’s likeness will be transformed in a ‘floragraph’ that will adorn the Donate Life float, New Life Rises, in the 2010 Rose Parade.

Floragraphs are artistic portraits created by using spices, seeds, and other organic materials to cover a digitized photograph of the individual. The final image is astonishingly realistic, recognizable and a fitting memorial to organ, eye and tissue donors everywhere.

Tarrence became a tissue donor, at the age of 16, after tragic accident on November 5, 2007. Tarrence was a loving and giving individual, always willing to share his toys, school supplies, clothes, friendship, and love with those around him. His generous legacy was able to continue with the donation of his corneas, skin and bones.

Tamala Regan’s, Tarrence’s mother, eyes light up when she talks about her son and with every word she uses to describe him, it is known he is her hero. “I feel and see my son everyday knowing he gave the gift of life to someone else.”

The Donate Life float adds a meaningful dimension to the 2010 Rose Parade theme, A Cut Above the Rest. The New Life Rises float carries a message of hope and inspiration, just like each and every organ, eye, tissue donor and family who create a story of courage, compassion, hope and renewal.

Read more about Tarrence, and the other donors and recipients featured on the Donate Life float at w Also, don’t forget to watch the parade on Friday, January 1 at 11 am EST/8 am PST. The Rose Parade will be broadcast on ABC, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, NBC, Travel Channel and Univision.
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this story, which aired on December 23 on WBAL-TV. Reporter Kim Dacey interviewed Tamala Regan about what it means for her son to be honored during this year’s Rose Parade.
– Jennifer