Donor Family Honored

At today’s staff meeting, Lifeline of Ohio presented donor mother, Diane Knotts, with a framed floragraph of her son. That floragraph (portrait made of organic material) rode on the Donate Life float in the 2010 Parade of Roses in Pasadena, Calif this past January.

Diane, left, accepts the framed floragraph from Jenny Hoover, bereavement services

The float, “New Life Rises,” featured 76 floragraphs depicting deceased organ and tissue donors, displaying the power of donation through an amazing combination of roses and organic elements.

Organ donor, Eric Knotts, was among those honored with a floragraph for giving the “Gift of Life” as an organ donor after his death in 2000.

Eric, from Lima, Ohio, saved three lives as a donor and his family traveled to Pasadena before the parade to decorate his floragraph.

“My husband, Charlie, and I were honored to have the opportunity to create a masterpiece of our son,” said Diane Knotts, Eric’s mother. “We also had the chance to meet families from across the country during our trip. We shared stories, laughter and tears.” Diane and her husband worked for more than five hours to produce Eric’s likeness using materials cocoa and rice.

Diane summed up the experience as “awesome” and said that her involvement with Lifeline of Ohio has helped her family cope with the loss of Eric. She and her husband plan to hang the floragraph in their bedroom.

Read Diane’s story about Eric here. Read Charlie’s tribute to his son here.