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Re-Cycling Hearts is a charity event organized by Monash University Medicos Society (MUMedS) in collaboration with Institut Jantung Negara Foundation (IJN Foundation). It will be held in Monash University campus (Date: 25th May, Time: 8.00am-6.00pm). The aim of the event is to raise awareness regarding organ donation, as well as to raise funds which will be donated to the ‘Patient Assistance Programme’ run by IJN Foundation that helps fund the treatment charges and provides financial assistance to the needy and less fortunate heart patients.

IJN foundation is an organization that provides financial assistance to needy patients. It is a charity organization that is not funded by the government but by donations.

How can you help?

1) Volunteer yourself (CYCLING):

The door is open to anyone to volunteer and cycle during the event. For every amount of money you collect from your friends, colleagues or family numbers, you cycle a corresponding distance. The more you collect, the more you cycle. In other words, you get donations from people to keep your cycling going. Cycling machines will be provided in the day of the event and it is going to be open for everyone to watch. Worried that you can’t do it on your own? Get a team! (4 volunteers per team)

2) Attend the carnival:

On the day of the event, there will be a number of Stalls selling food and a variety of merchandize. Stall rental fees will all be contributed to IJN foundation. So by attending and buying from these booths, you will be a contributor. Some booths will provide video games sessions. You can pay for playing, and all proceeds will go to IJN Foundation. Some stalls will run on a coupon system. So get yourself some coupons! Only RM10 for each booklet and you’ll be helping to give a new lease of life.

3) Donate and contribute directly:

A number of students will be going around collecting donations and promoting the event. No matter how small the amount you donate, be sure that it will help the needy. But instead of just giving RM 10 why not get a coupon booklet in return and buy yourself some things at the carnival

Be part of this event, and help to make the change.