Australia - The Prime Minister launches the new DonateLife campaign

PM: Often changing things around takes time, and this has taken some time as well, making sure we get it right.

As you sit back in your lounge rooms in Australia tonight and in the days and weeks ahead and look at the community advertisement that we are about to see, and which I haven't seen. The whole idea is to provoke a conversation at home, that's all its about. You know Australians are often a bit uncomfortable about talking about these very basic life and death issues at home. Often are a bit uncomfortable. Um, it is not our favourite topic of conversation. We talk about the football, we talk about politics, we talk about politics, we talk about politics, we talk about football and but we are here to talk life and the ending of it and the beginning of it.

And that is what this is about as well. Remember those figures, we have nearly got 2000 people around the country right now, on lists, on lists, waiting to become recipients. Many of them are known to us in this room here.

And we now have the capacity in place in the hospitals to make a difference. Now the next, and final step, is to get each mum and dad, each young person, each old person, to start having that conversation at home.