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Tuesday, August 10, 2010



AMARILLO, TEXAS -- Through the end of last year, only about 2 percent of Texans were on the organ donation list but in the last 8 months, that number has almost doubled.
The increase can be directly linked to a new law that went into effect in January.All driver's license applicants are now asked if they would like to register as donors.
Applications are up to about 70,000 a month which means organ donation groups can save more lives.
"There are 108,000 people currently on the waiting list in the U.S., so if you take that and figure out if we can just increase awareness and get people to be willing to be organ donors, and talk about it with family members, then we're absolutely going to save lives," according to Mia Hunter with LifeGift.
Currently, California has more than 6 million donors listed in its registry, and the Lone Star State is expected to top the million mark before the end of the year.
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