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加州眾議會議長裴瑞茲(John Perez6日祝賀加州參與捐贈器官計畫的民眾到達700萬人,領先全美其他州,成為捐贈器官人數最多的一州。
器官捐贈組織社區關懷專員何建芬 (Sabrina Ho)表示,雖然加州器官捐贈的數量占全國最高,但比率來說仍相當低。根據統計,去年到車管局申請駕照的民眾僅26%勾選器官捐贈,是全國倒數第五名。
民眾除了在申請及更新駕照填寫表格時可以選擇參與器官捐贈計畫外,還可以上網填寫資料參加。詳情請上網 donatelifecalifornia.org查詢。

California Assembly Speaker John Perez announced 7 million Californians registered as organ and tissue donors and it has reached the nation-leading registry.  To register to become an organ and tissue donor, check the YES block on the driver license or identification application form. At the celebration of the 7 million mark, the California DMV along with donor families and recipients invite all the citizens to participate and play a great love for life. The number of registered donors is especially important in the face of the disproportionate need for donated organs in California. Of more than 100,000 patients currently listed on the National Organ Transplanted Waiting List, over 20,000 (nearly 20 percent), live in California.

Since the Donate Life California Registry was introduced in April 2005, donors who had registered prior to death have saved more than 1,000 lives through organ donation and healed more than 35,000 through cornea and tissue donation.

“Organ donation is very personal to me. My mother, before her death, was on kidney dialysis for several years,” said Perez. He thanked to seven million Californians who have volunteered to save lives as organ and tissue donors and giving hope to those patients who are suffering from the illness and has given a chance to reborn to life.  Chuyen Nguyen, father of Vu Nguyen from Vietnam, whose son 33-year-old died of a heart attack last year and donated liver, kidney and other organs and tissues are useful for transplantation to the needs of patients and four people thus reborn. ”While the Asian culture and beliefs intact, instead of his son's organs to dust, Vu has registered at DMV prior to his death and choose to be a greater meaning in life” said Mr Chuyen Nguyen.

Sabrina Ho, Community Relations Specialist represents Organ and Tissue Donation Organization of Southern California indicated that although California has more registered donors than any other state donor registry, when offered the opportunity to register as donors a relatively low percentage of Californians choose to do so. According to the Donate Life California data, last year only 26% of DMV customers applying for or renewing their drivers’ licenses and ID cards checked ‘Yes’ on their forms to register as donors. In major cities and counties in California such as San Diego County, Costa County and Sacramento County, organ donation rates highest, respectively the County population 30.4%, 28.9%, 28.3%, whereas Fresno and Los Angeles County, the lowest donation rate. When you apply or renewal driver license or identification card, you can choose to participate in the organ donation program. For more information, please visit at or www.

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