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Monday, July 4, 2011

She commited suicide in vain, her wishes remain unfulfilled

BY prabirghose

Don't read this if you are weak hearted ... Mumpy Sarkar was a 12-year old girl who had a mission in life. She came from a poor family and not having money for the costly organ transplants, she decided to take her own life and donate her organs to her father and brother.

Her father was a daily labourer in Dhantala, Nadia district of West Bengal and had problems of vision; her brother had a damaged kidney and was in need of a kidney transplant to help him recover. For doing that, she decided to take her own life – at least her organs would take care of a portion of the costs. Moreover, apart from saving the lives of her father and brother, she would also remove their headaches of arranging money for her own marriage …

Accordingly, she made her preparations and scribbled a note to her mother spelling out her intentions. She even consumed a poison and, her father rushed her for treatment. It was most unfortunate that all her efforts went in vain because the note she had scribbled to her mother was found only after her body had been cremated.

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