Organ donation: From one tragedy comes many miracles, Illinois

by Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital

"You are not supposed to outlive your children,” Eve Poredski said regarding the death of her son. “The only way I could make any sense of this tragedy was to feel that he lived on.”

At 38 years old, Mark Poredski passed away from diabetic ketoacidosis. Through organ donation, he was able to offer others a second chance at life and, in his mother’s eyes, live on.

“How can you not give someone a second chance at life?” Eve asked. “Nothing can replace Mark, but at least I can say I’m the proud mother of an organ donor.”

Born and raised in Downers Grove, Ill., Mark was diagnosed as bipolar at the age of 33. The medication he was prescribed ended up severely damaging his pancreas, causing him to develop Type II Diabetes.

When he died there was skepticism, specifically on the part of Mark’s wife and father, as to whether his organs should be donated. Eve convinced them it was the best option, and her son’s heart and liver went on to save three lives.