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Dear California Donate Life Community:

On behalf of Donate Life California, I am hoping that you can help California with a critical bill to help us significantly increase the number of registered donors in California.
AB 1118 (John A. Pérez) would require California school districts to offer pupils who are enrolled in health classes during grade 9 or 10 at least 15 minutes of instruction on organ and tissue donation including the recovery process.
As of this July, California’s registry will be mature – that is, we will have completed our first driver’s license renewal cycle, so the only new designated donors will be first-time drivers or “holdouts” – people who did not check yet previously and will need more persuading. By opening up a direct education channel to first-time drivers, AB 1118 will perform an invaluable service to furthering the Donate Life mission.
In order to get this important bill passed, we need your…

The 5th Quarter is in theaters in select cities around the nation! Based on a true story, The 5th Quarter carries a powerful message of triumphing over tragedy when two parents (Andie MacDowell & Aidan Quinn) and their surrounding community come together after a devastating car accident. After the tragic car crash takes the life of his younger brother Luke, WakeForest's football player Jon Abbate (Ryan Merriman) helps lead his team in their most successful season.

In the tradition of 'The Blind Side' comes the inspirational true story......If you love inspirational sports stories and want to see a heart-warming film about having gratitude for life and overcoming obstacles, gather your family and friends to go see The 5th Quarter!Watch the Trailer here!

Make plans now and tell all your family and friends to go see The 5th Quarter at your local theatre.Find your local theatre here!

Jet Skier on a mission, Australiaby: 3AW Radio
Yesterday Derryn Hinch interviewed 13-year old Coen Ashton, a remarkably upbeat teenager who suffers from the debilitating lung disease Cystic Fibrosis.

Coen is currently on a waiting list for a double-lung transplant, something 3AW drive host Derryn Hinch can certainly relate to at the moment as he battles liver cancer.

In order to get more people to donate organs, Coen decided to raise awareness for organ donation by jetskiing the entire length of the mighty Murray River. During his trip, he got 1000 people to sign up for organ donation.

Coen is from Queensland but reguarly comes down to Melbourne to receive treatment at the Alfred Hospital.

Right now the humble Year 8 student is brainstorming his next idea for donation awareness. He is an inspiration to all and we here at 3AW support his quest for new lungs. Best of luck Coen!
PLAY AUDIO: Coen Ashton and Derryn Hinch chat about Coen's quest for new lungs
Hospitals Across Louisiana Participate in National Donate Life Month in April

Shreveport, LA-- The Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA) and Willis-Knighton Health System are having a Donor Flag Raising Ceremony on April 5, 2011 at 10 a.m. Hospitals throughout the state of Louisiana are celebrating National Donate Life Month during April 2011. On April 1, hospital will begin a 30-day initiative to raise awareness about the critical need for individuals to register as organ, eye, and tissue donors with flag raising ceremonies; donor drives initiatives, and educational outreach.

As part of the recognition month activities, hospitals will join thousands of organizations across the nation in the Flags Across America initiative to honor and celebrate the hundreds of thousands of donors and recipients whose lives have been affects by donation. The goals of Flags Across America is to rally every donor hospital and transplant center, as well as all recovery agencies, to collectively fly t…
Organ donation: Save a life
By Paul Hammel | Live Well Nebraska WORLD-HERALD BUREAULINCOLN — The 15-year-old was registering for a learner's permit to drive when her mother asked if she planned to sign up as a organ donor.

“No way,” the girl replied. “I don't want them to take my organs if I get into a car wreck.”

After the mother informed the teen that her organs wouldn't be harvested unless she had died in a car wreck, the young driver signed up as a donor.

The story, told Wednesday by the recipient of two kidney donations, Bev Neth, the head of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, illustrates the myths that prevent some people from becoming organ donors.

Joann Schaefer, the state's chief medical officer, said among those myths are that a family must pay to donate organs of a loved one and that an organ donor cannot have an open-casket funeral. Both are untrue, said Schaefer, who also is the recipient of a donated liver three years ago.

The two state officials j…
Liberty nurse grateful for gift donor left for her, others
By Angie Anaya Borgedalen | Liberty Tribune

For about a year and a half, Diane Ehren-Kipping endured a painful right foot.

Tired of suffering, she went to a podiatrist, who prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections and inserts in her shoes to deal with the persistent pain of what was thought to be plantar fasciitis.

A registered nurse at Liberty Hospital who is now the coordinator of employee health, Ehren-Kipping at the time worked 12-hour shifts and blamed being on her feet for so many hours for the pain.

“But nothing I did was working,” she said. “It just kept getting worse and worse.”

Finally, her doctor suggested getting her foot X-rayed. Luckily the X-ray included her ankle.

“The X-ray revealed something unusual on the tibia and the doctor ordered an MRI and a bone scan,” Ehren-Kipping said.

She said Dr. Howard Rosenthal from the Mid-America Sarcoma Institute in Overland Park, Kan., an orthopedic surgeon…
Spain's family bonds lie at the heart and soul of great healthcare
Spain leads the world in organ transplants, but its success in the operating theatre is matched by its holistic approach outside
Sarah Boseley , health editor
The Guardian, Thursday 31 March 2011
Looking tired, Adolfo Martínez Pérez, dressed in a white clinical coat, apologises for being late, saying he has been to see a judge. A difficult patient suing for compensation, perhaps? No. The surgeon and his fellow transplant co-ordinator, nurse Mercedes González González (her mother and father had the same surname), have just returned from witnessing the uncle of a five year-old girl sign a legal document in another part of Madrid's Ramón y Cajal hospital, declaring that he understands the consequences of donating part of his liver to his niece.

Spain has probably the best organ transplant system in the world. Its healthcare is highly regarded – it ranked seventh in the World Health Organisation's top 10 in 2000…
Ben Franklin Bridge lights up to show support
CAMDEN — The Ben Franklin Bridge will be illuminated during the month of April to promote autism awareness, the Gift of Life organ door program, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, to observe Earth Day and Easter Sunday and to support the March of Dimes and Temply University alumni.

For most of April the bridge will have green lighting for National Donate for Life Month, sponsored by the Gift of Life Donor Program. The Gift of Life Donor Program helps 13 area transplant centers in the eastern half of Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and the State of Delaware where heart, kidney, lung, liver and pancreas transplants are performed. For further information on this program visit
Family raises awareness of organ donation
Thursday, March 31, 2011
By Margaret Smykla | Pittsburgh Post - Gazette

A year after donating a kidney to her cousin's son, Eileen Pistelli said she feels "absolutely fine."

"Unless I had these little marks on my belly, I wouldn't have known it was done," she said of the surgery.

"I feel absolutely no different," said the Pleasant Hills woman, 48.

The recipient of her kidney, Anthony Lucking, 26, of North Strabane, is doing well, too.

To increase awareness of the need for organ donors, and to provide money and other support for financially strapped transplant patients, Mrs. Pistelli and her sister, Mary Kay Paul, of Peters, began the Pennsylvania Chapter of Second Chance at Life in September 2010.

A basketball fundraiser to benefit the nonprofit charitable will be held at 8 p.m. Saturday at Thomas Jefferson High School, 310 Old Clairton Road, Jefferson Hills.

The game will pit the Pittsburgh All-Star Footb…
Heart transplant recipient grateful for gift of lifeBy Joanne Fox | Sioux City Journal

Steve Stille of Storm Lake, Iowa, is an imposing presence, but no match for a seven-pound organ in his body.

The 6’6” graduate of Storm Lake High School played center and later forward at the University of South Dakota. He even scrimmaged with pals in a basketball league.

When he awoke in the middle of the night with flu-like symptoms in March 1997 – over the Easter weekend – he tolerated his bad health until Monday. When he didn’t seem to be recovering, his wife suggested a visit to the doctor.

“They drew blood and, I use this term literally, came tearing back into the office,” he said. “They told me I was going to the hospital. I was having a heart attack.”

Health care providers sent Stille’s EKG to Mercy (then Marian Health Center) Medical Center – Sioux City.

“My sister (Deb Trizila) worked in cardiac care at the time and later told me her ears perked up when she heard an EKG coming in from Stor…
Why We Dash: Hrt4Bryan
Team Stephanie
Team Fundraising Goal: $1,000.00
Total Raised to date: $1,055.00
Tell us about yourself, where are you from and what do you like to do?

I am a 26-year-old currently living in Verona, NJ. I work as a graphic designer for a company that manufactures security equipment for the Department of Homeland Security as well as local government agencies. Although I am currently out on disability as I wait for my transplant, I still enjoy using my free time to design as well as read, watch movies and as the weather gets nicer, going for short walks.

Bryan Indergrund, 26, is currently waiting for a heart transplant.

How and why you were listed for a transplant?
I was first diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in January 2004. I was admitted to Luke’s Roosevelt in New York City where my doctors discovered that I had a ventricular tachycardia caused by a myocardial bridge. They performed surgery to release the artery of the bridge as well as a single bypass in …
NJ Students Raise Over $6,000 for Gift of Life Family House
The Lawerenceville School Lives Saving Lives ClubOn February 20th, the Lives Saving Lives Club of The Lawrenceville School in Lawrenceville, NJ, held its 3rd Annual Organ Donor Awareness Benefit Dinner. This event is 100% promoted and planned by students who on their own provided the stringed instrument music for the affair, prepared and served the four course meal, and had a wonderful time doing it all.

The faculty advisor to the club, Arthur Thomas, is a heart recipient who shared his story at a Lawrenceville School meeting three years ago, and two students – Taylor Bloom and Mary Hopkins – now in college, decided to form a club to raise awareness and funds for organ donation. The first two years the club raised a total of $6,900, which it donated to Family House. This year, under the direction of senior co-presidents Jimin Lee and Nicole Banton, the club has raised over $6000 more, which will continue to support Gift of Lif…