Brother donates kidney to save sister's life: Alicia Stewart has rare disease that cause failure in both kidneys

Santa Cruz Sentinel | Isaiah Guzman

SANTA CRUZ — Like all siblings, Ryder Webb and his sister Alicia Stewart have always shared the same blood.

Butas siblings in their 30s who still spend regular time together and sold reptiles they found together as kids, they share a closeness not found with all brothers and sisters. And it’s because of that bond that they may soon share the same organs.

Stewart of Davenport suffers from a rare and lethal kidney disease called IgA nephropathy and the 39-year-old Webb, who is a perfect match for his sister, has volunteered to donate a kidney to save her life.

“I’d do it twice over for her,” Webb said.

Tuesday, family and friends are holding a Bowl-A-Thon to help raise at least $5,000 for Webb’s and Stewart’s living expenses after surgery. The event goes from 3-5 p.m. at Boardwalk Bowl. Though all bowling slots are full, organizers are still welcoming people to come by and make donations.
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