Organ donors saves lives

Blacktown Sun, Australia | Nick Soon

THE Blacktown woman who donated her husband's organs after his death and made a huge difference to five lives has pledged to continue his good work.

Sarah Long's late husband James's heart, lungs, liver and eyes were donated when he died at 31 from cerebral haemorrhage three years ago.

The mother of three, a hairdresser in Beecroft, said: "Despite losing James in such tragic circumstances I am glad his legacy lives on.

"My oldest child Paityn, now 14, remembers her dad and is very proud of him but the other two were too young.

"We talk to Georgie, who's now six and Mahlee, five, about their dad.

Ms Long, also a registered organ donor, helps DonateLife by giving talks to doctors, members of the public and friends and relatives on the importance of becoming a donor.

She has spoken to doctors about how to deal with the family of the deceased, with business people at luncheons and on television and radio programs.

"It's sometimes very tough with family of the deceased but we have to convince them it is for the best.

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