17 month old San Mateo twins recovering after liver transplants

San Jose Mercury News | Helen Shen Hshen

Howling gleefully, Sophia Gonzalez bangs the coffee table while her identical twin, Charlotte, watches quietly from the couch. Seventeen-month-old Sophia, the younger sister by 18 minutes, can pull herself up by the furniture now, but Charlotte still prefers to be held.

"I thought we were going to need a Sharpie when they were first born," said Megan Antrim, remarking on her daughters' early similarities.

The San Mateo twins are quickly developing their own personalities and habits, but they both will always share matching long and winding scars across their bellies. The faint pink lines are reminders of the babies' recent liver transplants at Stanford's Lucile Packard Children's Hospital to treat a rare and life-threatening genetic disorder.

Since their operations, both girls have gained a healthy amount of weight and a boost of much-needed energy. "You can see it in their eyes; they're just so much more awake now," said Antrim, 30, a homemaker.

"They're doing great right now. It's a big relief to us," said Ricky Gonzalez, the twins' father, a 28-year-old paramedic.
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