All about the heart

The Watauga Demorat, NC | Sherrie Norris

Valentine's Day is all about the heart and no one knows that any better than Rachel Tucker who, 10 years ago, received a new heart on Feb. 14.It wasn't filled with chocolate candy or laced with frivolous words of romance, but it did fill her hopes and dreams for the future. In fact, it was the reason she's still alive today.

As Tucker plans to celebrate the milestone of her heart transplant with family and friends next week, she reflects upon the gift of life that changed everything.“We are having a party, but it's not just for me,” she said. “We are also celebrating Donor Services of the Carolinas and the amazing job the organization does to make it possible for people like me to live — because of those who didn't.”While Tucker admits the subject is always “bittersweet,” she is grateful that her donor and his or her family had the desire and foresight to make life possible for others.

Her upcoming celebration, scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 14, at Son's Light Coffee House in Boone, will include a brief presentation of donor services by a local representative whose volunteer work stems from the transplant of her own granddaughter several years ago. From Being A Help To Needing Help.