Are You a Leader who Inspires Others Like This?

Business 2 Business Communty | Lisa Petrilli

There are world-changing leaders who inspire their followers to a shining city upon a hill, and there are misguided leaders who head their followers “off a cliff.”

And then there are real-world leaders like Steve Ferkau who inspire hundreds of people to climb thousands of stairs because their hearts and minds are guided by purpose and love and the real truth about how vulnerable we all are, and how precious life really is.

This is Steve’s story. Steve is my friend, a man with an inordinate zest for life and infectious energy that simply compelled me to share his story with you. We met because we have a life-changing experience in common – an organ transplant. Steve is breathing today because he has healthy lungs from a beautiful young girl named Kari, who left our world far too soon.

Do you want to inspire people to follow you? Read this story to truly understand the enormous power of purpose and mission and vision for a leader. My hope is Steve’s words will move you and inspire you in ways you’re not expecting…
Read Steve's Story: