‘Bucket list’ banished: Homewood woman marks 20 years as liver transplant survivor

Southtown Star | Chicago Sun Times | Susan Demar Lafferty

Angelique Marseille was just 22 years old, a college student looking forward to graduation. But suddenly she had to confront the possibility she would die young, and soon.

There was a problem with her liver, she was told. She might have only 10 days to live.

“I told myself, ‘If this is my time, it’s my time,’ ” she said. “I had to be OK with that.”

That was 20 years ago. Clearly, it was not her time. Instead, Marseille has become a true survivor — anything but a given in the world of liver transplants — and the anniversary of her transplant surgery is celebrated like a second birthday.

Marseille’s second chance at life came Feb. 7, 1992. At that point, she didn’t think she would live to see her 23rd birthday on March 28.