Jonah Lomu seeking new kidney donor

Stuff, New Zealand

All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu has confirmed he needs a new kidney and has lost 30kg in his latest health struggles.

The 36-year-old confirmed to the New Zealand Women's Weekly magazine that the hunt was on for a new kidney donor.

Lomu looked in fine form when he opened the Rugby World Cup last September and was due to box in the Fight For Life event but had to withdraw as his health deteriorated.

He spent a long spell in hospital in Auckland late last year.

Kidney disease meant Lomu had top have a kidney transplant eight years, effectively ending his hugely successful international rugby career.


Anonymous said…
Who would one contact to see if they are an eligible donor?

If you have any info please email me:

Glenn Matsuki said…
Here in the United States one may contact the National Kidney Donor Registry. If you are in New Zealand, please contact the transplant center there; they should be able to guide you through the process.