My Birthday Wish: No Wait For Organ Recipients

New City Patch | Shari Maurer

Imagining a world where everyone who is in need of an organ can receive it.

Today is my birthday. With any birthday, and especially as the numbers increase, I start to get sentimental. Some of the numbers still surprise me—I’ve been with my husband 27 years, married for 22. My daughter is 17 and graduating high school this spring and my son turned 15 yesterday. My youngest is in 6th grade and we only have another 6 ½ years with the kids at home.

I also get reflective on my birthdays, looking back on things I have accomplished (and things I haven’t). In June 2010 I had my first novel published. Change of Heart is about a 16 year old girl who needs a heart transplant. The publication of this novel has taken me to some wonderful places and it’s been a fabulous experience. But if I’m truly reflecting on what I feel the best about in all of the promotion I’ve been doing for the book, it’s the fact that I’ve been able to bring the message of organ donation registration to teens and other readers all over the world.

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