New Jersey organ donors may get a break

Glouchester County Times | Carly Romalino

A bill in the state Senate could make organ donations – by live donors – more attractive to altruists looking to give up a kidney to save a life.

Sen. Fred Madden, D-4, of Washington Township, sponsored the legislation that would allow a tax deduction of up to $10,000 in gross income for organ donors in New Jersey to help offset medical costs associated with the donations.

“We have taken measures in New Jersey to encourage organ donation and we have seen the positives and negatives of it,” said Madden, chairman of the Senate Health Committee.

While those on the organ transplant list – more than 4,700 people in the state – would receive the life-saving donation, donors are often left with their own medical bills on their end. The financial burden could be a deterrent for those interested in giving up a kidney or other organ.