Wayne State University honors student through Gift of Life

The South End | Meagan Krueger

Campus Challenge encourages others to become organ donors, save lives

Last year, Rebecca Joy Butler, a Wayne State marketing student, told her parents that she wanted to help others like her waiting on long organ transplant lists by starting a registry campaign at WSU.

In May 2011, just seven months after being placed on a three-year waiting list for a lung transplant, 20-year-old Butler died from a blood clot.

“We were not expecting her to pass. We expected her to get her transplant and go on to live her happy life, but that wasn’t meant to be,” her mother, Beverly Butler, said.

Now, Butler’s parents, Beverly and Tim, have been working diligently with their daughter’s Alpha Gamma Delta sorority sisters, the WSUSchool of Medicine and other organizations on campus to honor her wish.