A Word with Best Film Winner Josephine Lie

After all the excitement of the FilmLife Official Screening and announcements of Best Film, Best Use of Theme, Honourable Mention and finally the People’s Choice Award for DonateLife Week, we wrangled a moment with Best Film winner Josephine Lie, Director of Ask The Hard Questions.

Tell us about yourself
Where to begin? You’ve stumped me on the first question!

I am a 24 year old designer, illustrator and now filmmaker (I suppose) based in Sydney. I am a Christian, have a lovely family, and hold many interests including listening to live music, travelling to foreign lands, and storytelling through creative mediums.

Why FilmLife? How did you find us and why did you decide to submit an entry?

The FilmLife competition was stumbled across on the SBS Documentary blog. It so happened that I was in WA at this time, and that my friend’s father (Roger from the film) happened to be staying the in the same household. I also happened to have my camera on me, and Roger happened to be so gracious in taking part. Coincidence? I think not.