Multiple Organ Donor, Harry Kiernan, To Walk Across America To Raise Awareness

Hufftington Post
Two-time organ donor, Harry Kiernan, is walking 3,300 miles across America to encourage more people to sign up as organ donors, WTNH reports.

Last year, Kiernan, 57, made headlines when he became one of a very small handful of living people to have donated multiple organs. Thus far, he has donated one kidney and part of his liver -- and he is currently on the list to become a bone marrow donor, reports. Incredibly, both recipients of his organs -- one of whom was a 13-month-old girl -- were complete strangers.

Now as the Executive Director of the National Living Organ Donors Foundation, Kiernan is gearing up to walk from Connecticut to California to raise awareness and inspire others to become organ donors.


Anonymous said…
This never happened. He took donations, walked two towns over and quit because his feet hurt. Those needing organs don't have the option to quit. Harry kept the donations despite his failure.