Plymouth baby has a year to live unless a new liver is found - UK

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A BABY boy from Mutley faces a desperate wait for a new liver which he needs to survive beyond the next year.

Koby Graf, just six months old, was born with a rare condition, Biliary atresia, which means his liver ducts are blocked and cannot process toxins produced by his body.

Having undergone one failed kasai operation to open up his bile ducts he and his parents, Linh and Perry Graf, are now living on a one-hour standby in case a liver becomes available from someone who has died.

“Without the liver transplant he will have 12 months to live,” said his father Perry.

“If a suitable donor doesn’t become available it’s likely that Linh will undergo a major operation to donate part of her liver to Koby, as she’s the healthier out of us both,” the 37-year-old added.

“This is a real worry as it could risk her life and health too.

“He’s always so happy. If you saw everything going on inside you wouldn’t be able to match the patient to the person on the outside – it’s that which keeps us going.”