'Today' show features Anais Fournier, Wendy Crossland and segment on energy drinks

Waynesboro Record Herald | Denise Bonura
A Hagerstown mother vowed to do everything in her power to warn other parents and children about the dangers of energy drinks in the wake of her daughter’s death.
In addition to speaking out locally, Wendy Crossland, 37, has taken the story of the death of her 14-year-old daughter, Anais Fournier, to a national audience.

National attention

Crossland appeared on NBC’s “Today” show Wednesday morning in hopes of having the drinks regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Anais suffered an irregular heartbeat on Dec. 16, and was pronounced brain dead six days later. Her death certificate lists the cause of the arrhythmia as caffeine toxicity, and her family has linked that to the popular energy drinks she drank before going into cardiac arrest.

“It’s great getting my story out on the ‘Today’ show as the first national publicity,” Crossland said. “I’ll do anything. This is just the first step. I won’t stop until at least the dangers of these things are known and parents can make their own choices. If the FDA regulates them, they won’t be any more harmless than a can of soda.”