11-year old waits for kidney

WXYZ Action News, Michigan
WXYZ) - Jai Wan Davis-Harbour looks like any regular 11-year-old boy. He’s full of life and has big dreams of playing for the Tigers. But Jai Wan is in desperate need of a kidney transplant after his body rejected one three years ago.

Since he was 7 months old, Jai Wan has undergone 65 surgeries. Four days a week he spends three-and-a-half hours at dialysis at Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor. Jai Wan’s mother says he never complains about the grueling treatments, his special diet or chronic lack of energy.

“At first I said why me, but why not me”, says Jai Wan’s mother, Cherisse Davis-Harbour. “ Jai Wan is just the best patient. All the nurses say he’s the best. He’s like a little old man who came here for this cause.”

So perfect for the cause in fact, Jai Wan is the poster child for the Secretary of State’s organ donation campaign.

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