Local Teen's Death Brings Life To Neighbor


A local high schooler's sad and untimely death after a battle with a rare disease has brought together two unlikely strangers, now bonded through the gift of life.

Midlothian High School student Tyler Davidson passed away in February after a brief battle with a rare form of epilepsy which left the vibrant, soccer-playing teen in a coma.

"They pretty much said he had some brain apathy and he was not going to make it," Ken Davidson, Tyler's father, told 8News reporter Nate Eaton.

On February 26, a day after Davidson passed, Alroy Henderson got a life-changing call: He was getting one of Tyler's kidneys.

"It was a lot to process to know that this 15 year old had died probably two hours before I got the call," said Henderson, who had been waiting for three years for a perfect match. Tyler's was perfect.

"Normally it takes 2-3 days for the kidney to respond but by 5:30, Tyler's kidney had responded and was functioning," said Carol Henderson, Alroy's wife.

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