Heartbreak as girl, 4, who received heart transplant dies on Make-A-Wish trip BEFORE she can visit Disney World

Daily Mail

Photo: Big dreams: Mia's once in a lifetime wish was the visit Disney World so she could see Minnie Mouse. She never made it there

A little girl suffering complications of a heart transplant died on her Make-A-Wish Foundation trip before she could realize her dream of seeing Walt Disney World.

Mia McDonald, 4, flew with her family from Utah to Tampa, Florida, but took a dramatic turn for the worse when her body rejected her new heart.
After a week in intensive care, the family planned to take Mia off life support on Monday. She made it 2,300 miles from home, but the final 70 miles to the Magic Kingdom proved too much.

In a final cruel twist, the mother of the dead boy whose heart beat in Mia's chest had recently gotten in touch with the McDonalds and had flown to Florida.

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