Daughter gives the gift of life

Tri-City Times | Catherine Minolli
DRYDEN — Thanksgiving was extra-special this year for Sharon Wright.

The 64-year-old longtime resident was given a most beautiful gift—the gift of time, for which she is abundantly grateful.

Time was becoming an enemy to Sharon. In January, she'd been diagnosed with end stage liver disease, the result of an autoimmune disorder that attacked the life-giving organ. Sharon's physical well-being was declining—and fast.

Her only hope would be a liver transplant, but with so many others waiting for an organ donation, Sharon's chances of becoming a recipient were slim.

"The doctors told us the only option would be to find a live donor," daughter Jessica Allison says. "They suggested we could try to find a family member or a friend, get blood tests done for compatibility and go from there."

So that's exactly what Jessica did—after some convincing. After discovering she was a match, Jessica approached her mom with the idea of being the donor.