Transplant survivor in plea for organ donors

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald

Photo: Andrew Eddy is encouraging people to register as organ donors after a transplant saved his life

Wiltshire solicitor Andrew Eddy is urging people to register on the NHS Organ Donor Register after his life was saved by a transplant.

Mr Eddy, 46, said he was fortunate to find a match and as a result underwent a successful liver transplant.

He said: “I was very lucky. I had only been waiting for a transplant for 19 days when a match was found. Sadly people can wait years for a transplant and they die because there are not the organs available. Every day three people die because of this and approximately one of those people will be a child.

“Also, some people do not tell their loved ones that they are happy to have their organs donated in the event of their death. Even if they have a donor card their relatives can overrule it. If people are aware of the issues it’s easier to make a decision.”
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