Utica mother discusses departed son's gift, importance of organ donation

The Oakland Press | MEGAN SEMERAZ
It was June 16, 2007, the day that changed Troy resident Lynn Parker’s life forever. Her son, Tim, who had just graduated from Troy Athens High School, was involved in a serious car accident while driving two friends home from a party when he fell asleep at the wheel — crossing five lanes of traffic and hitting a semi-cab.

Tim was the designated driver for his friends, and about a mile away from home when he fell asleep.

Lynn said her family received the phone call from Beaumont Health Center in Royal Oak at 3:22 a.m. — it was the call that no parent ever wanted to receive.

Tim was unresponsive when his family arrived at the hospital.

“He had internal injuries to his liver and he had a broken neck and broken lower vertebrae,” Lynn said. “He also was not breathing when they got to him ... as broken as he was on the inside, he only had a scratch on his lip.”

Tim was the third oldest out of four children. Lynn described him as goofy, athletic and a soccer player and crafty — especially in woodworking.

He also liked having his mom around, Lynn said, and he was never embarrassed by hanging out with her. He often went grocery shopping with her, even when he was older.