Life is mum’s greatest gift - UK

Lancashire Evening Post

Photo: Best Christmas ever: Natalie Kerr from Adlington with her children Brandon age 10 and Isabelle age 4.

A desperately ill mum who underwent a double organ transplant is celebrating the best Christmas present ever - two new lungs!

Natalie Kerr, 31, feared she would not see her children grow up when she was 
diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension four years ago.

But this year she has been able to enjoy the ‘best Christmas ever’ with Brandon, nine and Isabelle four.

Natalie, of Highfield Road North, 
Adlington, said: “Last year, when anyone asked me what I wanted for Christmas I would say two new lungs.

“This year, I’ve got it. I feel so full of energy and full of life. Last year I didn’t even want to think about this Christmas. I didn’t think I would be here.

“To be here with my family and my children is just so special.

“Every single day I get this feeling inside where I just think ‘I’m alive’. Every day makes a huge difference.”
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