Organ Donation, Have That Talk with Your Family & Friends

Boston Zest
They say we will all know someone who will need an organ donation or we will need one ourselves sooner or later. Back in 2008, we did our first post on this topic – How to Become An Organ Donor.

Since then, thousands of readers have found that post and spent time reading the details and using the provided links to learn more. Thank you to everyone who did that. Thinking about it, along with research, is the first step.

Back then, a friend in another part of the country had a family member who needed a heart to live. This year our inspiration is closer to home. We ran into a fellow dog lover and former neighbor on Boylston Street. She told us she may soon be a candidate for a heart and lung transplant. This time the need is closer to home and we are thinking of her, her family, and her pups often.

Have you talked to your family about becoming an organ donor?

Perhaps this holiday season, when people gather in the spirit of giving, would be a great time to express your wishes and fill out the necessary forms.
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