In death, an organ donor saved my family's life

Deseret News | Lois M. Collins

Devie Thorpe hugs Rori Winterbottom as Rick Newlin wipes away a tear at LDS Hospital Monday afternoon,. Thorpe's daughter, Cavie, was killed in an automobile accident four years ago and donated her organs, of which, Winterbottom received a kidney and Newlin received a liver. Tom Smart, Deseret News
We're in a restaurant, catching the early dinner special, and my 16-year-old is wound up tight, chattering about school and boys and the "bucket list" she and her friends have made for the summer that will soon arrive.

Her sister, younger by a year, leans over and corrects her on a detail and they laugh and babble some more, a pair of cheerful chipmunks.

This is the life that almost wasn't — my small family together doing something that's pretty ordinary and yet completely extraordinary, all present and feeling pretty good this bright March afternoon.

It is a vastly different picture from the last few years, when my husband was dying and our lives revolved around pharmacy runs and trips to the doctor and what the latest blood draw said about him.
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