Remembering Mike Jones & His One Miracle Of Life

94.7 The Wave | Pat Prescott
Mike with his donor Patricia/photo courtesy of Mike Jones.
 If you regularly attend concerts and festivals here in Southern California, you probably are familiar with Mike Jones. The big guy with the freckled face and huge smile who was always up in front in the VIP section, kicking off the Cha Cha Slide or whatever line dance was happening at the time.
You might have even attended Mike’s own concerts for the charity, One Miracle Celebration Of Life, he started back in 2001 after undergoing a successful kidney transplant. He visited us often at the radio station to share the moving story about how someone who had been a complete stranger to him just a year before that time, turned out to be the perfect match and was willing to give him the gift of longer life.

That transplant saved Mike’s life and took him on a journey that led him to find his birth parents and his beautiful wife and soulmate, Joy. All the while Mike touched the hearts of people across the country as he told his own personal story and educated us all about organ donation and the gift of life.

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