Todd and Tara Storch Increase Organ Donation Awareness After Daughter's Tragic Death | Alicia Dennis
It was a split second that changed the lives of everyone in the Storch family – and one they used to change millions of lives.

On the last ski run of the day on March 15, 2010, Taylor Storch, 13, along with her father, Todd and brother, Ryan, was excited to be on the beautiful Colorado slopes. "We were stopping to take pictures, everyone was smiling and laughing and Taylor was having a blast," says Todd, 44, of his Coppell, Texas, family, all of whom wore helmets.

Then his teenage daughter lost control and hit a tree. "We went from it being the most amazing trip ever," says Todd, "to the worst nightmare."

Taylor was airlifted from Grand Junction to Denver where doctors the pronounced the vibrant, funny and athletic teenager brain-dead.