Organ donor wants to end her life to save others

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Sherri Muzher is 43 years old. She's young, beautiful and brilliant. But she says she's ready to die.

She has advance stage Multiple Sclerosis. It has slowly, but steadily robbed her of her abilities.

All that's truly left of who Muzher once was is her brain and a small but fading voice. Now, she wants to use that voice to start a conversation about death -- her own.

"I would rather I help give life to others while my organs are still viable," said Muzher.

Sixteen years ago Muzher was bright and effervescent with an appetite for life. Muzher today is a much different person.

"I was diagnosed the summer after my first year of law school," Muzher said. "So it is a lot of loss -- loss with advanced MS. It's a grieving process, because you are losing your independence gradually."

About 90 minutes into the interview, Muzher became exhausted, barely able to speak, a restraint used just so she can sit up to breathe. Nearly the last shred of muscle and skeletal control is gone.
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