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HEMET: Local man to be remembered on Rose parade float

Press Enterprise | Craig Schultz

/CONTRIBUTED FILE IMAGE. John Beers and his wife, Brenda, of Hemet help decorate the 2013 Donate Life Tournament of Roses parade float. John Beers, a kidney transplant recipient, died in May, but Brenda has continued his work promoting organ donations.

One year ago, John Beers rode on the Donate Life float in the Tournament of Roses Parade. On Wednesday, Jan. 1,, he’ll be remembered in Pasadena with flowers on the organization’s float.

The Hemet resident died in May due to complications from a surgery. He was 68.

Beers was One year ago, John Beers rode on the Donate Life float in the Tournament of Roses Parade. On Wednesday, Jan. 1,, he’ll be remembered in Pasadena with flowers on the organization’s float.

The Hemet resident died in May due to complications from a surgery. He was 68.

Beers was selected to ride on the float last year because of his efforts to promote organ donation. Beers received a kidney in 2005 and became an active volunteer for OneLegac…

At Hopkins, kidney transplants occur in chain reactions

The Baltimore Sun | Kevin Rector and Meredith Cohn

Photo: Kenneth Lam, Baltimore Sun
When John Davis' kidney began failing in January, his girlfriend's mother decided to donate one of her kidneys to help save his life. That the two weren't actually a "match" — meaning Davis' body would never accept her kidney — didn't matter.

In a groundbreaking program at Johns Hopkins Hospital that is as much about nationwide networking as it is medical innovation, kidney transplants are being arranged not through isolated pairings of patient and donor, but through longer and longer chains of individuals who don't even know each other.

Gone are the days when a donor might be discounted for not being a match with the specific patient, doctors say. Another patient in Hopkins' network might be a match, and perhaps that patient also brought a willing donor to the mix, facilitating a successive chain of matches until everyone in the chain is paired up.
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Woman gives thanks for year of new life since lung transplant

The Chronicle Herald | Beverly Ware

New Germany native Jessica Carver had a double lung transplant Dec. 13, 2012. She holds hands with Carman Hamilton, who was put on the wait list a week after Carver, and is still in need of a donor. (PAMELA HAMILTON)

BRIDGEWATER – Jessica Carver suspects the person who saved her life loved strong coffee and had a hearty appetite.

“I definitely take my coffee stronger now,” the New Germany native, who received a double lung transplant a year ago, said in an interview Friday.

She’s also looking forward to a third turkey dinner while visiting with relatives in P.E.I.

“I love to eat,” said Carver, who had wasted away to 102 pounds before her transplant Dec. 13, 2012.

Now that she has passed the one-year post-transplant mark, Carver said she wants to write a letter to her donor’s family.

“I think about the donor a lot,” said Carver, who now lives in Dartmouth.
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Couple Proves Love Conquers All, Even A Life-Threatening Disease

The Huffington Post | Taryn Hillin

The odds were against them from the beginning, but one couple in the throes of wedding planning is proving that love really can conquer all.

Travis Spire-Sweet met Taesha Benson in 2012 on a dating website, but a few months into the relationship, Spire-Sweet's health took a turn for the worse. The then 29-year-old was born with kidney disease in which his one working kidney only functioned at 25 percent, and it became clear that he wasn't going to live much longer, Ink magazine reported.

Benson, not wanting to lose him, started a fundraiser for a much needed kidney transplant. Family members -- including Spire-Sweet's fraternal twin brother -- stepped up to get tested. No one was a match.

Benson then decided that she wanted to get tested too, despite knowing the odds were 1 in 30,000 that she would be a viable donor. As fate would have it, she was a match.
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"You have the…

Organ donation program honored with Rose Parade dedication

Edison Metuchen Sentinel

JFK Medical Center CEO Ray Fredericks dedicates a rose that will preside on the annual “Donate Life” float in this year’s Rose Parade on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, Calif.

EDISON — JFK Medical Center CEO Ray Fredericks dedicated a rose that will preside on the annual “Donate Life” float in this year’s Rose Parade on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, Calif.

Personal messages from individual organ recipients, families and organizations will be housed in a dedication garden filled with thousands of roses. The float will feature a festival of lanterns illuminating 30 riders — all of whom are organ and tissue transplant recipients — and 12 organ donors walking alongside to demonstrate their ongoing vitality.
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Linthorpe man signed organ donor register to help others... but now he's the one in need

Gazette Live

Andy Iverson suffers from chronic kidney disease and is sharing his story in a bid to raise awareness of the decision to be an organ donor

Andy Iverson suffers from chronic kidney disease and is sharing his story in a bid to raise awareness of the decision to be an organ donor

When Andy Iverson signed the organ donor register he had no idea that one day he would be among those in need of a transplant himself.

Having successfully undergone major surgery for a benign brain tumour at 23, Andy said the experience had made him more aware of the value of life.

He said: “Knowing that my life had been saved by the brain surgery made me think that if ever my time did come I would want to help other people.”

But, 11 years on, the 44-year-old now finds himself as the one in need.
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Grand Blanc organ donor to be honored in Tournament of Roses parade float

Detroit Free Press | Robin Erb

A baby boy named Noah — the grandchild she was never able to meet — is just one of Teresa Cassavoy’s 14 loved ones who will honor her Wednesday from the grandstand of the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, Calif.

Cassavoy, a 39-year-old Grand Blanc mom of two when she died in March, is the 8th Michigander to be honored for organ donation in the Donate Life Rose Parade float. This year’s theme: Light Up the World.

This year’s 55-feet-long float carries on it 81 memorial floragraphs — portraits made of flowers and seeds and other natural elements — of deceased donors.

Five large lanterns will illuminate 30 organ and tissue transplant recipients. A dozen living organ donors and recipients will walk alongside to demonstrate what Donate Life calls “their ongoing vitality,” including Sue Herrick Pilon of Wyandotte, a breast cancer survivor who received transplanted tissue.
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Donate Life Float sees sunlight as final touches are made prior to float judging

Donate Life Float
The Donate Life Rose Float is roll out of the Phoenix decorating barn to see sunlight for the first time.  Final floral touches are made prior to float judging.

Post by OneLegacy.
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North Carolina Well Represented In Rose Parade

Digital Triad | Tracey McCain

Charlotte, N.C. -- A transplant gave a North Carolina woman a second shot at life, and on New Year's Day, Julie Allred will take the ride of a lifetime.

Allred will represent North Carolina while on the Donor Life Float in the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California.

Doctors diagnosed Allred with Juvenile Diabetes when she was 10.

"My parents told me when I was diagnosed that I wouldn't live to be 30, and I definitely wouldn't be able to have children," said Allred.

Type 1 Diabetes would haunt Julie for the next 33 years. By the time Allred turned 40, she was beginning to experience daily episodes of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

"It was becoming dangerous many times or most times life and death situations," Allred explained to WFMY News 2's Tracey McCain. "It was to the point that they were ready to take my drivers license away. I had to step down from my management position as a nurse because of it."VIDEO Conti…

Rose Parade Float Preparations - Donate Life

KLTA 5 | Allie MacKay
Allie Mac Kay was live in Pasadena on the last day of float preparations for the Rose Parade. Allie held back tears as she got a close look at the Donate Life float honoring organ donors.

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St. Mary Now| Banner-Tribune Daily Review | Harlan Kirlan
Travis Rhodes’ family poses with his floragraph. From left, Max Rhodes, Travis Rhodes’ nephew; Jason Rhodes, Travis Rhodes’ brother; Renee Rhodes, his widow; Taylor Rhodes, Travis Rhodes’ son; Ron Rhodes, Travis Rhodes’ brother; Rosemary Rhodes, Travis’ Rhodes’ mother; and Nolan Rhodes, Travis’ Rhodes’ father. (Submitted Photo)
Stephensville native and Morgan City High School graduate

A Stephensville native and Morgan City High School graduate who died 10 years ago in a boating accident will be honored as an organ donor by having his portrait displayed on a float at the Rose Bowl Parade on New Year’s Day.
Travis Rhodes, a native of Stephensville and a 1988 Morgan City High School graduate, died in a boating accident in 2003 while practicing in his new racing boat on False River. He was living in Breaux Bridge at the time of his death.
His portrait will be displayed on the Donate Life float as a f…

Local organ donor to be honored at Rose Parade

Johnson City Press | Sue Gunn Legg

Each New Year’s Day, Donate Life America honors organ donors across the country with a Rose Parade float that bears the floral portraits of donors who have died, transplant recipients who ride along beneath their portraits and living donors and family members who walk alongside the float.

This News Year’s Day, Adam Fletcher Lively, a Kingsport native and a student at East Tennessee State University when he died from injuries suffered in a car crash in 1998, will be among Donate Life America Rose Parade honorees.

Tennessee Donor Services is a float sponsor and will send Adam’s parents, Dave and Barbara Lively of Kingsport, to Pasadena to be a part of the parade as well.
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Defining Brain Death - Podcast

KQED Public Media for Northern California
A judge ruled last week that an Oakland girl whose family wants her kept on life support is legally dead. The family wants her moved to long-term care. We'll speak with physicians and ethicists about the definition of brain death, and confer with a grief counselor about how to make the difficult decision to remove a loved one from life support.

Host: Dave Iverson


Chris Taich, director of bereavement services at the Pathways Home Health and Hospice in SunnyvaleDavid Greer, professor of neurology and neurosurgery at the Yale School of MedicineDavid Magnus, director of the Center for Biomedical Ethics, Thomas A. Raffin Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Ethics and professor of pediatrics at Stanford University

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South Dakota lawmaker on waiting list for lung transplant

Sioux City Journal | David Montgomery
SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — When Steve Hickey started getting winded after climbing flights of stairs, he thought he merely was out of shape.

But a trip to the doctor revealed an affliction far more serious than a surplus of pounds. Hickey, the state lawmaker and pastor for Church at the Gate in Sioux Falls, was diagnosed this fall with pulmonary fibrosis, a mysterious and deadly disease with no known treatment, the Argus Leader reported.

His only long-term hope is a lung transplant. Hickey's on the waiting list for new lungs but doesn't expect to receive one for several years. He's hoping he doesn't need it sooner.

"There's a window of time. They don't want to wait too long, but they don't want to do it too early," Hickey said.

He's trying to stay positive about the disease, in which scar tissue in the lungs gradually decreases their capacity to provide air for th…

Washington and Lee Student in Rose Parade

Washington and Lee University | Sarah Tschiggfrie

Madison Shinaberry, a Washington and Lee University sophomore from Harrisonburg, Va., will ride on the Donate Life Float in the Rose Parade on Jan. 1 in Pasadena, Calif.

Shinaberry received a double lung transplant after she was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, a life-threatening lung disease, which made everyday activities such as getting dressed and walking upstairs a struggle.Continue reading ______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: |

Baptist Health CEOs write messages for Rose Parade float

Montgomery Advertiser 
Photo: Baptist Medical Center East CEO Jeff Rains signs a message for the Donate Life Rose Parade float. / Contributed
The American Hospital Association, the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations and the Eye Bank Association of America have joined together to offer hospital CEOs nationwide the opportunity to handwrite a dedication to be placed onthe 2014 Donate Life Rose Parade float, themed "Light Up the World."

Peter Selman, CEO of Baptist Medical Center South; Jeff Rains, CEO of Baptist Medical Center East; and Ginger Henry, CEO of Prattville Baptist Hospital, each signed messages for the float.Continue reading______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: |

Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home honored in 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade


GLOVERSVILLE, NY (12/30/2013)(readMedia)-- Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home will be recognized with a rose on the Donate Life Float in the 125th annual Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year's Day.

Littauer partners with the Center for Donation & Transplant (CDT) to facilitate life-saving organ and tissue donation. CDT is sponsoring a rose on the Donate Life float in recognition for Littauer's support of donor families through participation in the Donate Life Flag Program.

As was done over the past four years at Littauer, in 2014, a flag will be flown at the hospital following every organ and tissue donation case. The flag will then be given to each donor's family in honor of their loved one.
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Gwinnett resident to participate in Tournament of Roses Parade

Gwinnett Daily Post | Deanna Allen
Peachtree Corners resident Amy Tippins, right, poses with her organ donor’s sister, Jo West, holding a floragraph of her donor, Mike Jones. (Special Photo)
Twenty years after a life-saving liver transplant, Peachtree Corners resident Amy Tippins was able to meet the family of Mike James, the man who gave her a second chance.

On New Year’s Day, Tippins, founder and CEO of RockScar Designs, a high-end clothing company that makes products to help women embrace their scars, will participate in the 125th Tournament of Roses Parade with other organ donor recipients. Tippins will be riding on the float sponsored by One Legacy, an organ procurement organization out of California.

“It’s such a huge honor and it really, it’s a very private and beautiful and painful thing all combined because recipients are here celebrating the gift of life and donor families are here celebrating the life of their family members.”
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Infant Eli McGinley's Legacy of Organ Donation To Be Celebrated at Rose Bowl Parade

Little Rock Family | Heather Bennett
Photo: Twin brothers Walker and Eli cuddling in the UAMS incubator.

Former World Champion Heavyweight Boxer Evander Holyfield once said, “It’s not the size of the man, but the size of his heart that matters.” I suggest also a man’s might is not measured by his size, but the power of his heart’s influence. This is the case when referring to Eli McGinley who passed away at 5 days old on August 8, 2009.

Elijah “Eli” Cole McGinley was born on August 3, 2009 at 36 weeks gestation along with his twin brother, Walker at UAMS. Eli’s parents, Jesse and Jodie McGinley welcomed their twin sons, but soon found out something was terribly wrong with Eli. Eli was then taken to Arkansas Children’s Hospital for care. Eli’s mom Jodie shares, “On Eli’s third day of life an MRI found things were not good. There was fluid on his brain, a brain stem cyst and that he would never breathe on his own or know he’s even here. We never predicted he wouldn’t come home.” She says, …

Shaker Heights mother raises money for organ donation in memory of daughters who died in fire

The Plain Dealer - Northeast Ohio | Chanda Neely 

Roschelle Ogbuji holds a picture of her three young daughters who died in a Dec. 1, 2007 fire at the family's Shaker Heights home. In memory of her daughters, Ogbuji hopes to raise $27,000 to benefit organ donation education and support services.Lonnie Timmons III, The Plain Dealer
SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio – Live life, give life.

Those are words that 40-year-old Roschelle Ogbuji lives by. Ogbuji's young daughters – Imose and Chika – died in a Dec. 1, 2007 fire at the family's Shaker Heights home. Their sister – Anya - died three days later in a hospital burn unit.

Life hasn't been easy for Ogbuji since the fire, but she says she now lives with a deeper purpose than she did before the tragedy.

"There are days that I'm praying myself out of bed, but I still find a way to make the best out of my life because I'm living and there are people who aren't," Ogbuji said. "Everyday is a gift and I'm not goin…

AxoGen's Avance® Nerve Graft Recipient to Ride in 2014 Rose Parade

PR Web
Navy Corpsman Joins 29 Organ and Tissue Transplant Recipients as Float Riders to Demonstrate Appreciation of Life-Saving Donor Gifts
AxoGen, Inc. (NASDAQ: AXGN), a leading regenerative medicine company focused on the development and commercialization of products and technologies for peripheral nerve reconstruction and regeneration, today announced that Navy Corpsman Edward Bonfiglio, a patient who received limb sparing surgery utilizing AxoGen’s Avance® Nerve Graft, will ride in the 2014 Rose Parade aboard the 11th annual Donate Life’s “Light Up the World” float in Pasadena, Calif. on New Year’s Day.

Mr. Bonfiglio joins 29 riders on the float, all of who whom are tissue, organ, or cornea transplant recipients. Each rider was selected by an organization for their courage, service and advocacy regarding life-saving transplants they received from generous donors. In July, Mr. Bonfiglio was selected by the American Association of Tissue Bank (AATB) to represent tissue recipients on th…

Alachua, Fla., Husband, Father to Ride on Rose Parade Float as Tissue Donation Recipient

Business Wire
ALACHUA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--An Alachua, Fla. husband and father will honor the lives of the thousands of individuals who gave the gift of life through organ and tissue donation as one of 30 transplant recipients riding a special float in the 2014 Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif. on Jan. 1.
“I love working at RTI because I have the opportunity to help others in the same way that tissue transplantation has helped me.”Harry Rambo, an allograft tissue recipient, has been chosen as a rider on the Donate Life float in honor of the thousands of individuals who donate tissue including bone, skin, heart valves, connective tissue, veins and pericardium and those who receive life restoring tissue transplants each year. Harry’s trip to Pasadena is sponsored by RTI Donor Services, a founding sponsor of the float and one of more than 140 associations across the nation — including organ and tissue recovery organizations, industry partners, transplant centers and transplant recipient g…

Donate Life celebrates 10 years of floats in the Rose Parade

Pasadena Star News | Michelle Mills
The 2014 Donate Life Rose Parade Float "Light Up the World." Donate Life has entered a float since 2004. (Courtesy)
The Donate Life float in the Rose Parade is perhaps the most emotionally moving entry in the event. Organ, eye and tissue donors and recipients will be riding on and walking alongside the float, proving that this gift changes not only a person’s life, but the lives of many around them.

Donate Life America is a coalition of national organizations and state teams that work to increase organ, eye and tissue donation by educating people and motivating them to register as donors. It has had a float in the Rose Parade since 2004 as a visible part of its awareness campaign. Each year a list of recipients and donors are selected to participate in the parade. Meet a few of those people for whom this year’s theme, “Dreams Come True,” is a reality.
Anna Maria Villalobos

Whittier resident Anna Maria Villalobos knows pain. She has suffered wi…

Brain death is still misunderstood by the public

MedPage Today | Kevin MD

On December 9, 2013, 13-year-old Jahi McMath underwent a tonsillectomy at a children’s hospital in Oakland, California. She suffered postoperative hemorrhage and became comatose. She was declared brain dead by doctors at that hospital on December 12th. This was later confirmed by a court-appointed outside consultant.

There are many issues surrounding this case. Was the tonsillectomy indicated? Some stories reported that it was done to improve her obstructive sleep apnea. Why wasn’t she successfully rescued from her complication of bleeding? I can find no discussion about how she could have bled so much without intervention in any article about the case.

But one of the most distressing aspects of this poor child’s demise is that despite many years of experience with brain death, it is still misunderstood by laypeople, the courts, and even some medical providers.

As of December 26th, 14 days after the brain death declaration, the child remains on a mechanical ventil…

Sharing Stories of Light

Unyts Blog
Sunday night was the Rider/Walker Dinner that took place at the Pasadena Convention Center. 
What an amazing and touching way to kick off this week! The room was filled with float riders/walkers and their families as well as sponsors and those involved with putting together all of the Donate Life Float activities. 
The night started off with dinner and people starting to introduce themselves to each other. The riders and walkers were asked to go around long tables lined with posters and sign their name on each one – a memorable gift that will be sent to each one of them after the parade.Continue reading______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: |

Hospital President Submits Dedication Message For 2014 Donate Life Rose Parade Float

NJ Today
Photo: The NJ Sharing Network, in partnership with Donate Life America, presented Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital’s President and CEO Stephen K. Jones with a dedication rose that will be featured on the Donate Life Float in the Rose Parade on January 1, 2014 in Los Angeles, Calif. (Photo courtesy of RWJUH)

The NJ Sharing Network, in partnership with Donate Life America, presented Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital’s President and CEO Stephen K. Jones with a dedication rose that will be featured on the Donate Life Float in the Rose Parade on Jan. 1 in Los Angeles, Calif.

“Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital is proud to support the gift of life!” reads the handwritten message from Jones in honor of the patients and families who have saved lives through organ, eye, and tissue donations.

So far in 2013, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital is the leader in transplants in New Jersey. According to the Organ Procurement Transplant Network (OPTN) and NJ Sharing Networ…

Watch the 125th Rose Parade, look for the Donate Life Float!

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DONATE LIFE CONNECTICUT: 2013 End of the Year Review

Donate Life Connecticut

Another great year! 2013 brought some really exciting, new events that helped Donate Life Connecticut share our life-giving message to a broader audience! Thank you for your dedication and volunteerism with Donate Life Connecticut! Please take a look back with us to see what good we have accomplished this year! Enjoy the rest of your 2013 holidays...and enjoy a happy & healthy 2014!

JANUARY - 1st Annual Donate Life Day with the UCONN Women's Basketball Team
Donate Life CT teamed up with the UCONN Women's Basketball team for the 1st Annual Donate Life Day with the UCONN Huskies!
Donate Life CT brought 650 fans to the game! Each fan was issued a Donate Life Connecticut green tee-shirt sponsored by Hartford Hospital! It looked like a sea of green in the stands! 
During the half-time Medical Staff from Hartford Hospital Transplant Team, UCONN Medical and Yale-New Haven Hospital Transplant Team tipped off against their own transplant patients, living do…

KC area organ donors remembered at Rose Parade


Facing the holiday season this year was heartbreaking for Sara Davis.

Two summers ago, the Shawnee mom’s world crumbled when her 6-year-old son, Noah, drowned.

Fond memories of him linger in her mind. Noah was energetic. He was happy. He wanted to be a police officer so he could protect everyone he loved.

A physical part of him still lingers in the world as well.

Upon his death in June 2012, both of Noah’s kidneys were donated to two different adults.

“In our family, it was never a question of whether to be an organ donor, it was just a no-brainer for us,” Davis said. “It gives hope that something good can come out of such a nightmare. Part of my son literally continues to live in someone else and that’s a big deal.”

And on New Year’s Day, Noah’s legacy will be known on an even bigger scale.Continue reading______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: www.…

Maine mom uses social media to scatter son's ashes

The Talk of the Town | Alanna Durkin

This photo shows an urn containing the ashes of C.J. Twomey on a shelf at his parent's home in Auburn, Maine. C.J.'s mother, Hallie Twomey, is asking people to help scatter his ashes throughout the world so he can become part of the world he never got to see. / AP
Along with his ashes, Twomey sends a note and a small photo of smiling C.J., wearing a Boston Red Sox shirt with sunglasses propped up on his head. She asks the recipient to do four things: Think about C.J., think about the people he gave life to through organ donation, tell him that his mom and dad loved him and tell him that his mom is sorry.
AUBURN, MAINE — For three-and-a-half years, a black stone urn of C.J. Twomey’s ashes has sat on a shelf in his parents’ Maine home, not far from the door he walked out of one beautiful April day shortly before shooting himself.

Now, his mother is using social media to enlist the help of strangers to scatter his ashes from Massachusetts to Japan…

Local Hospitals Transplanted On Donate Life Rose Parade Float

ROTW News | Michael P. Neufield

Mountains Community Hospital CEO Charlie Harrison signs a personal message encouraging organ transplants for inclusion on the DONATE LIFE entry in the 2014 Rose Parade. He is surrounded by OneLegacy’s Daniel Duran and Mike Thomas and MCH’s CNO/COO Terry Pena. (Photo by Michael P. Neufeld)

Pasadena, CA – On January 1, 2014, when the 125th Rose Parade steps off, on Pasadena’s Colorado Boulevard, Mountains Community Hospital and Bear Valley Community Hospital will be transplanted on OneLegacy’s DONATE LIFE float — ”Light Up the World” — in the Dedication Garden.

The theme of the parade, featuring Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully as grand marshal, is “Dreams Can Come True,” and is sponsored by Honda.


The Dedication Garden — which will surround 30 riders on the float designed by Phoenix Decorating Company — will be filled with thousands of roses bearing personal messages of hope, love and remembrance, including one from Mountains Community Hospi…

New heart is perfect Christmas gift

Daily Express | Paula Murray

A SCOTS woman was given the ultimate present last week when she was received a heart transplant on Christmas Day.
The 46-year-old, who has not been identified but is believed to be from Stirlingshire, is now recovering in the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, in Clydebank.

It is understood the country's leading cardiology specialists was called in on the festive holiday after the organ became available in Northern Ireland.

Emergency services battled against the stormy weather which hit Scotland between Tuesday and Wednesday to have the heart delivered to the hospital within the allocated four-hour window.

It is understood they used a helicopter for the delivery.
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Mother, two sons celebrate life after receiving transplants

Nashua Telegraph | Gillian Flacuss

Photo by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. In this Dec. 17 image, Matthew Kremis, center, poses for a picture with his brother Trevin and their mother, Deanna ,in their home in San Marcos, Calif. All three have received heart transplants, after suffering with an inherited heart condition.

SAN MARCOS, Calif. – Deanna Kremis remembers the exhilarating day her young sons first had the energy to race each other up a flight of stairs.

The brothers, then ages 7 and 10, could barely walk before having heart transplants just a month apart. As they flew up the steps two at a time, jostling and shouting, she recalled, “My friend turned to me and said, ‘Are you ready to get one now?’ ”

It was a joke that became prophesy. Her health, too, was slipping away because of the same inherited cardiac condition. By the time she received her own transplant in July, her heart was so weak, she fainted while walking down the hall, collapsed midsentence and passed out in the middle of dinn…

Donate Life 2014 Rose Parade float brings volunteers with a passion


Some people decorate Rose Parade floats for the fun of it, or as part of the Pasadena experience, or as part of a service organization. Donate Life volunteers do it because they have a passion to spread the word about organ donations. We talked with two of those volunteers, Debbie Martin and Joy Weller at Phoenix Decorating Company’s Rosemont Pavilion on Friday.

The Donate Life Rose Parade Float organization, which does receive funds from Donate Life to build the float, recruits volunteers from across the country, Europe, and even as far away as Asia. “A group comes from Taiwan every year and brings a transplant [recipient] with them,” Martin said.

The project is so popular with employees of the California DMV, which actively promotes organ donation, that the various offices throughout the state have lotteries to choose who will come to put on the dry materials on Saturdays in December, Martin shared.
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Local 77-year-old to ride in Rose Bowl Parade

Kokomo Tribune | Lindsey Ziliak

A 77-year-old Kokomo man and double transplant recipient will ride on a float in this year’s Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, Calif.

Jerry Sexton Sr. is one of 30 people from across the world riding aboard Donate Life’s “Light Up The World” float.

Sexton and his wife have become strong advocates for organ donation. After all, it saved his life and greatly improved hers.

Rosie’s eyesight started failing her in the late 90’s, and without corneal transplants, she’d go blind. She went on the transplant list and received a right cornea in 2000 and a left one five years later.

A few years after her first transplant, she found out her husband needed one of a different kind.
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Mother hopes daughter's spirit lives through organ donation

Tampa Bay Times | Lane DeGregory

Charla Moye holds her daughter’s hand one last time before Liane, 31, is taken to an operating room to have her organs recovered to save the lives of others. After finding her daughter unconscious, it didn’t take long for Charla, a cardiac nurse, to think about organ donation. MELISSA LYTTLE | Times

When Charla Moye finally found her daughter sprawled on a friend's bed, naked and blue, she knew Liane was dying.

"Call 911!" Charla screamed to her daughter's friends, who were just standing there. "Someone, call 911!"

Charla planted both hands on her daughter's chest and started pumping. When that didn't work, she leaned down and covered her daughter's mouth with her own. She could taste the bile, what was left of the vomit.

Charla, a 58-year-old cardiac nurse, had spent decades caring for strangers, from South Tampa to South America. But on that Saturday afternoon in April, the week before Easter 2011, she couldn'…

Organ donors to be honored on Rose Parade float

Los Angeles Daily News | By Canan Tasci, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin and Kelly Goff, Los Angeles Daily News

Decorating the floragraph for Joshua San Pedro are his grandmother Grace Pugh and his father Carlos San Pedro. The floragraph is for the Donate Life Rose Parade float.

Three local San Fernando Valley families are among 81 chosen to honor their departed loved ones with floragraphs on the Donate Life float in the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day.

For 11 years, the float’s flowered portraits of deceased organ and tissue donors have served as a memorial, as well as a platform for living donors, transplant recipients and their families to inspire others.

This year, the families of 3-month-old Andrew Endo, 14-year-old Lindsey Woodward and 22-year-old Carlos Escobedo are proud to be some of those paying tribute.

“My biggest fear when Andy died was that he’d be forgotten,” said Pam Endo, Andrew’s mother.

Just three months after he was born on April 29, 1981, Andy suddenly stopped breathing whil…

A Young Organ Donor is Honored by His Fountain Family

Fountain Valley Patch | Gina Tenorio

Nick Leath may have lost his life but as an organ donor, he saved lives. Now his Fountain Valley family gets the chance to honor him during the Rose Parade
This Jan. 1, as the 125th Tournament of Roses Parade, the family of Nick Leath can look on with pride.

On Dec. 21, the Fountain Valley family put the finishing touches on a floragraph, or a memorial floral portrait, in honor Nick’s honor. That memorial has been placed on the Donate Life Rose Parade float.

Leath’s family, which includes father William and mother Harriet join the families of 81 organ, eye and tissue donors to complete memorial floragraph portraits of their loved ones. Their son, described as an energetic youngster who grew into a successful man, died in October while riding his motorcycle.

This year’s Donate Life float theme is “Light Up the World,” according to officials with the organization.
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"You have the powe…

Governor encourages residents to consider organ donation

Meade County Times Tribune

New Year’s Day is an occasion to reflect back to what we have accomplished in the past year and think about the mistakes we’ve made and lessons learned. New Year’s is also about looking ahead. Making resolutions. Establishing goals. Hoping, dreaming and planning.

For some Americans, though, their New Year's hope is that the phone will ring soon. They are the 120,000 people who are waiting for an organ transplant – and 3,600 of them live in South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota.

A couple of years ago, a very ill two-year-old boy and a young lady who wasn’t expected to live to see her 30th birthday received that phone call. The little boy, Keegan, was in need of a liver and Meleah, the young woman, was struggling with cystic fibrosis and needed a pair of lungs.

Andrea, a sixteen-year-old from a small South Dakota town, was on her way home when she hit loose gravel and her car rolled. This terrible accident tragically took Andrea’s life. She was young and wa…

Transplant creates ‘new family’

Muskogee Phoenix | Travis Sloat

Louise Tibbs wasted little time crossing the room to throw her arms around Jim Murrell on Saturday afternoon.

With tears in her eyes and her head buried in his chest, she seemed to be speaking to two people when she addressed Murrell.

“I’m so glad to finally hug you,” she said.

Murrell, who hails from Munford, Ala., is the recipient of a heart donated by Tibbs’ son, Richard “Dickie” Lowe, 50, who was killed while walking down U.S. 69 in May.

After a few months of telephone calls and letters, Murrell and his wife, Jennifer; his daughter, Julianna; and his son, Cameron, decided to come to Muskogee to meet Tibbs on Monday. After figuring out travel times and itinerary, they realized they could show up Saturday and surprise her at work.

Murrell said it didn’t matter how long he had to wait, he knew all along the trip would happen.

“We couldn’t wait to come meet you,” Murrell told Tibbs.
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