CSUN student raises awareness on the importance of organ donations

Daily SunDial | CSUN | Lisette Rosales

Corey Eaker, senior geography major, holds a memorial for his late wife Molly at the pond in the Orange Grove on Monday. A friend’s uncle who is the outreach founder of the Molly Pierce-Eaker foundation made the memorial carved from wood. Photo Credit David J. Hawkins / Photo Editor

She lived a mere 24 years, with over 180 hospitalizations, 37 operations and died on June 4, 2013 in her husband’s arms in the hospital waiting for a four-organ transplant. The couple had only been married three days.

Her name was Molly Pearce-Eaker. She was diagnosed at birth with a disorder called Hirschsprung’s Disease that obstructs the small and large intestine, making it impossible for them to function properly, according to her husband, Corey Eaker, 25, CSUN student majoring in geography.

From then on, Molly was put through two successful organ transplants, Eaker said. In 2011, the kidney transplant she received from her mother had failed, as well as the the small bowel transplant she received because of an infection, Eaker said. She was then added back on the transplant list, only this time she was in need of four transplants. Because of all the medicine intake that affected her liver, she now needed a new pancreas as well.
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"You have the power to SAVE lives."
To register as a donor in California:
www.donateLIFEcalifornia.org | www.doneVIDAcalifornia.org
Outside California:
www.organdonor.gov | www.donatelife.