Five years later, spirit of slain teenager lives on through his donated organs

Las Vegas Sun | Jackie Valley

Kevin, left, and Don Brill, the brother and father of Aric Brill, admire a homemade, patchwork quilt hung in Aric’s honor during a ceremony at the UMC Transplant Center on Friday, Feb. 21, 2014.

Aric Brill read chemistry books and medical journals as a 7-year-old, exuding a never-ending thirst for information that continued into his teen years.

He wanted to understand cosmic activity, energy distribution and computer science.

He knew it wouldn’t happen overnight, so he kept lists — lots of lists — in his wallet, in his bedroom and everywhere in between to keep track of all these goals.

“With all that knowledge, he was very aware of the effects these things had on the quality of life here on earth,” said his mother, Karen Brill. “He became a very compassionate human being.”
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