Paul Savramis Supports Organ Donation, Partners with National Donate for Life Foundation

Paul Savramis

Rising Stars founder and President Paul Savramis is well aware of the need of organ donation. Rising Stars director of funding and close personal friend Althea Williams is a kidney transplant recipient and therefore, participating in a campaign with National Donate for Life Foundation was a no-brainer for him. The organization offers strong community and educational outreach programs to inform the public about organ donation.

Q: Is it fair to assume you are a supporter of organ donation?

Paul Savramis: Absolutely. Using organs and tissues to help sick people is a wonderful thing.

Q: How extensive is the current shortage of organs?

Paul Savramis: In the US, more than 120,000 people require organ transplants to save their lives. Thousands more are in need of tissue and cornea transplant to restore vision.
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