To Be or Not to Be an Organ Donor: Which Way Do You Sway?

Nurse Together | Chelsie Gho

Before learning about organ donation, I never thought about it. Organ donation was a strange and taboo topic that I did not want to talk or even think about. Being from an Asian culture, when I tried talking to my family about organ donation, they looked uncomfortable and refused to speak about it.


To my family, organ donation means talking about death, which is the same as asking for death to come. For me, this was the only exposure I got from my family about organ donation. I certainly did not want death to come so I thought what my family said, or did not say, about organ donation was true.

On the other hand, the media portrayed organ donors as fallen heroes who would be remembered for their selfless deeds. People who died in tragic accidents and gave their organs to needy recipients were seen as noble donors. No one spoke about how organ donation led to their demise. Yet people saw the organ donation as a way to give life to someone else.

My family and culture believed that organ donation should be condemned, but the media depicted organ donors as altruist angels. These conflicting ideas from my family and the media about organ donation confused me, until I went to an education forum about organ donation.
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