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Richard Weiss, who coined phrase 65 Roses, loses battle with cystic fibrosis at age 52

WPTV | Kelley Dunn

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - If you hear a child who has cystic fibrosis refer to their disease as '65 Roses' you can thank Richard Weiss.

When he was 4-years-old, he overheard his mother, Mary Weiss, who started the Palm Beach County chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation out of their Palm Beach home, making constant phone calls in an attempt to raise money and awareness for a disease few people had heard about in the 1960s.

Cystic Fibrosis sounded like 65 Roses to Richard. That innocent observation would go on to become the slogan and symbol for the national Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

This week, 52-year-old Richard Weiss passed away. A memorial service will be held on Friday in Palm Beach County.

Richard is preceded in death by his brother Arthur, who lost his battle with Cystic Fibrosis in 1996 at the age of 36.VIDEO, READ MORE______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn Cal…

Donor Awareness Night personal for Edison girls basketball coach 
The Edison varsity and junior varsity teams with the special warm-up shirts they'll wear Tuesday. / PROVIDED PHOTO
With the brother of head coach Terry Day in their thoughts, the Thomas A. Edison girls basketball program will hold an “Organ Donor Awareness Night” on Tuesday when the Spartans host Candor in a doubleheader.

Tim Day, brother of Edison girls coach Terry Day, needs a heart transplant to resume a normal life. Tim Day is a police officer in Tonawanda, near Buffalo, and is living with an implanted heart pump.

“I’ve been listed as an organ donor for as long as I can remember and honestly never gave it much thought until just over a year ago when we found out Tim needs a new heart,” Terry Day said in a press release.Continue reading______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: www.organdonor.go…

National Donor Day: Northern New Jersey salutes those who pass on the gift of life on Feb. 14 | Star Ledger
National Donor Day raises awareness through blood and marrow drives and organ/tissue signups. Contact the NJ Sharing Network at (800) 742-7365.
While Feb. 14 is recognized as a day of romantic love, it also is becoming known as a day to salute unselfish love for others through the donation of organs, tissues, marrow, platelets and blood. National Donor Day, created in 1998 with the support of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, raises awareness through blood and marrow drives and organ/tissue signups.

One organ donation can save up to eight lives, as well as enhance many others through tissue donation. Each day, about 79 people nationwide receive organ transplants, but another 18 people die waiting for transplants that can’t take place because of the shortage of donated organs.

Those considering organ, eye and tissue donation may want to consider:

• Anyone, regardless of age or medical history, can sign up to be a donor.

• Most major religions in the coun…

Ronnie McIntosh factor helping to attract organ donors

Evening Telegraph

The death of celebrated kidney transplant patient Ronnie McIntosh seems to have encouraged more Dundee people to sign the organ donor register.

Donor registrations from people with Dundee addresses soared in the days after the 62-year-old Olympic torch carrier’s funeral at the crematorium. Humanist celebrant Dominic Watson told the packed gathering of mourners the greatest tribute they could pay to Ronnie would be for them to register as organ donors.

Figures from the NHS Blood and Transplant unit suggested they answered that call.

In the three weeks before Ronnie’s funeral on January 10, the numbers of new registrations from the DD1 to DD5 postcode area were 10, eight and five. In the week of Ronnie’s funeral and in each the two weeks afterwards 19 people registered — a total of 57 across the three weeks. The Ronnie McIntosh factor has been recognised by his widow Cecilia (pictured right) and by officials in the NHS nationally and locally.Continue reading_______________…

Kirby: Selfless act is the gift of life for a child

Fay Observer | Bill Kirby

Jennifer Trapp believes the Lord puts us in particular places for a good reason, and that being a match for a child in need of a new kidney is a part of God's plan.

"I figure I've got two," says Trapp, 31, who will donate a healthy kidney Feb. 18, when Evie Wentz is scheduled for a kidney transplant at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill. "I can live with one, so she can have my other one."
What a gift of life.

What a selfless act.

What an amazing woman.

"I have talked to her parents," says Trapp, a mother of three young boys. "They are very grateful, and asked if I was sure I wanted to do this."

Evie Wentz, 9, has been diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome, which can lead to kidney failure and heart issues.

"Yes, HUS can be fatal," says Teri B. Clark, a spokeswoman with the Children's Organ Transplant Association in Bloomington, Ind. "Children and adults do die of HUS. Without a transplant, Evie would re…

Kindness of a stranger gives Tom life-saving gift

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity

Thanks to a rare gift from a complete stranger, 12-year-old Tom no longer needed to spend Christmas hooked up to a dialysis machine 

Tom, who developed kidney failure from a rare condition, was the first patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) to receive an altruistic kidney donation from Roger Sutton, a 53-year-old GP from Portsmouth.

Most kidneys are donated from family members, but in Tom’s case this wasn’t possible. He was on the waiting list for a deceased donor but a non-directed living donor ‘altruistic’ transplant was his best option.

Donors and recipients normally remain anonymous, but after exchanging letters through their transplants coordinators, Roger and Tom’s families arranged to meet for the first time last year. Both parties have chosen to waive the anonymity that normally surrounds a transplant, to highlight the benefit of giving an organ and saving a life.Continue reading____________________________________________…

Donating liver to save son 'the best thing I ever did in my life'

Journal-Sentinel | Mark Johnson
Photo credit: Michael Sears
Eulos Rounds (right) donated part his liver to his son, also named Eulos Rounds, at Children's Hospital.
Eulos J. Rounds Sr. had seen much trouble in his 32 years: a birth father who seldom visited him; a six-year stint in state prison; too many drinks; too many cigarettes; too much love of the street life.

But two years ago, shortly before he became a father, Rounds changed. He gave up cigarettes, then alcohol. Out of prison, he began working at a supermarket as dairy manager, stocker, pricer and shipper/receiver. He played with his new son, Eulos Jr., and walked him around the neighborhood of 9th and Center.

"I always wanted to do some good, to clean up the bad," Rounds said. "From here on out, I don't want to do no bad, nothing but good."

A couple of months ago, an opportunity presented itself. After watching and worrying as a congenital liver disease attacked Eulos Jr., Rounds learned his 19-month-ol…

Record number of lives saved in 2013 with organ donations

We are San Pete
SALT LAKE CITY-- For many, the year 2013 will be remembered as the year Pope Francis was elected as the 266th pope of the Catholic Church. Others will remember the bombing of the Boston Marathon and then just five days later, a group who ran in Boston ran again in the Salt Lake City Marathon in honor of the victims.

For some grateful people in Utah, 2013 will be remembered as the year they received a life-saving transplant, received sight through a cornea transplant, or the quality of their life was improved through tissue donation.

For many years, Utah has been among the top states in the nation with regard to the percentage of licensed drivers who have registered their wishes to be organ, eye and tissue donors. In 2013, the people of Utah continued to help others in spite of their own personal tragedy in numbers never before encountered.

There were 98 deceased organ donors in 2013; as a result, 314 people were able to receive a life saving transplant and are looking forw…

The Game of Life: Organ Donation in the NFL

Life Center Northwest
Football is all the buzz this week as the nation prepares for the biggest game of the year. With the upcoming Superbowl XLVIII battle between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos there is a lot of focus on team statistics, looming weather forecasts and the game’s history, but we thought we’d bring the topic closer to our hearts with a look at the historical overlap between organ donation and the National Football League (NFL).
When you think Payton and football, surely a certain Superbowl bound quarterback comes to mind, but one of the earliest links between the gift of life and the NFL goes back to Walter Payton, running back for the Chicago Bears. Payton helped the Bears defeat the New England Patriots in Superbowl XX in 1986. At the time he was the NFL’s all-time leading rusher with over 14,000 yards, and was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993. In February 1999, Payton announced that he had a rare autoimmune liver disease, and although …

Texas’ Organ, Tissue Donor Program Approaches Five Million Registrants

My Harlingen News 

AUSTIN – In 2013 the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) recorded more than 1.6 million Texas registrants to the Glenda P. Dawson Donate Life Texas Registry, boosting the total registry to nearly five million individuals. The registry is the state database of individuals who have officially indicated their decisions to donate organs and tissue to benefit thousands of people currently awaiting transplants.

“The DPS driver license system is the primary avenue for an individual to register as a donor, and we are proud to be a part of this program aimed at saving lives,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. “Each year more and more Texans make the choice to participate in the Donate Life Texas Registry, and every new donor has the potential to change the lives of many others.”

As of Dec. 31, 2013, the organ donor registry included 4.8 million Texans, accounting for 25 percent of the state’s adult population. Last year’s monthly registration totals averaged approximately …

Donate Life California Issues Statement on Hand and Face Transplants Being Regulated as Organ Transplants

Donate Life California

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Jan. 23, 2014 – The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) is developing new policies over the next few months that will likely deem hand and face transplants as “standard” organ transplants. These “reconstructive transplants” are currently considered experimental and rare, but have helped a few dozen Americans who were disabled or disfigured in accidents, by illness or in combat. It’s expected that the new UNOS regulations will include a waiting list for hand and face transplants.

This new development presents a challenge to organ, eye and tissue donor registries across the country, including Donate Life California. Right now, when Californians register to be organ, eye and tissue donors, they do so with an understanding that hearts, lungs, kidneys, livers, pancreas and intestines could possibly be donated, along with cornea, skin, bone and other tissue.

While the idea of donation and transplantation has been generally limited to life-saving so…

Donate Life Run/Walk 2014 - Join us and help inspire the community

Donate Life Run Walk
A non-competitive 5K/1K Run/Walk to educate and inspire the community about organ and tissue donation while benefiting the OneLegacy Foundation.

All runners and walkers, dialysis patients, transplant recipients, organ donors, donors families, allied health professionals and students are invited to come out and participate! Donor families are invited to make their own patch for the OneLegacy Bridging Lives Quilt

When:Saturday April 26, 2014. The race celebrates the last days of National Donate Life Month.

California State University, Fullerton campus, around Intramural Field.
800 State College Boulevard
Fullerton, CA.

For more information and to register click HERE______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: |

Volusia County teen praying for organ transplant after being bumped from pediatric list

WOGX | Tracy Jacim

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35 ORLANDO) - Shelby Harrison has cystic fibrosis and is desperate need of a double-lung transplant. Her prospects looked good, until she recently turned 18. It was then that she was removed from one of two organ transplant lists, because she is now considered an adult. The list she had been on was a pediatric list.

She now remains on the adult list and is waiting for her version of a miracle, because Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children has become way too familiar for 18-year-old Shelby Harrison.

"There's not much to say. Whenever I get sick, I come in for IVs, go home for about a month, month-and-a-half, and then I come back," Shelby says, shaking her head. "That's kind of the routine right now, until I get a transplant, if I do."
VIDEO, Continue reading
"You have the power to SAVE lives."
To register as a donor in California:

Organ Transplant Study Looking for Participants

University of Utah | James Scott M.D.

Women with chronic kidney disease are usually infertile.

When kidney transplantation was established clinically in the early 1960s, it became apparent that normal ovulation and menstrual periods returned postoperatively. The first pregnancies in female kidney transplant patients were unexpected.

By 1987 more than 2000 pregnancies had been documented in these women, and 14,000 pregnancies had been reported in transplant patients worldwide by 2001. Pregnancies have occurred in women with kidney, liver, pancreas, heart and lung transplants, and reporting of all pregnancies is no longer widespread practice.

Transplant patients have to take immunosuppressive drugs to prevent rejection of the transplanted organ and when a woman with a transplant becomes pregnant, these potent drugs cross the placenta from the mother to the baby during development of the baby’s immune system. Most of these infants have been healthy at birth and through early childhood. Alt…

Profile: Morgan and Lynch Set the Foundation for AMAT

Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation

Rudy Morgan and Jack Lynch recognized the importance of attracting Blacks and other professionals to work in the transplant field.

Since 1926 the accomplishments of Black people in America have been widely recognized during the month of February. This year during Black History Month, AMAT’s African American workgroup would like to highlight two of our organization’s founding members: Mr. Rudolph Morgan and Mr. Jack Lynch.

Mr. Morgan worked in a dialysis unit at a hospital prior to becoming a transplant coordinator; Mr. Lynch was a coordinator for a pharmaceutical sales company and began conducting clinical trials on anti-rejection drugs before he began working at an OPO. Though they lived in different states and had different professional backgrounds, these men were facing challenges in their new roles at work that they felt plagued other industry professionals. “There was a lack of perceived information,” said Morgan. “There weren…

Organ-donation awareness reaches new heights

Central Kentucky News

The Circuit Court Clerks of Kentucky made 2013 a record-breaking year in the fight to save lives. With more than 900 Kentuckians on the waiting list for an organ transplant, the need is greater than ever. The circuit clerks and their driver’s license staff make a significant impact by asking important questions while residents obtain a license or ID.

“We simply ask everyone if they would like to donate $1 to the Kentucky Organ Donor Program, and if they wish to be a registered organ donor,” Jessamine County Circuit Clerk Doug Fain said. “It is just one part of our job at the circuit clerk’s office, but we know it makes an incredible difference to transplant patients in need.”

This year was a record-breaking year for Kentucky, thanks to the circuit clerks. In 2013, 44.8 percent of Kentuckians donated $1 to the organ donation awareness program. The Kentucky Organ Donor Registry increased 10 percent and now 42.5 percent of Kentuckians are registered donors.
Continue re…

On The Waiting List With Jhett …….. Day 446

Donate Life Oklahoma

Jhett is a seven-year-old heart recipient who has been placed on the transplant waiting list for a second new heart. He went back on the waiting list in Houston on November 13, 2012. Here is his latest update from mom, Audra:

Jhett had a few good weeks at the beginning of January but the last couple of days he's not been himself. He's complaining of a headache which of course scares me because that can be a sign that his blood pressure is elevated... He's complaining of a sore throat.... which anytime he gets sick I automatically think everything is heart related. Just a part of being a mom with a "heart kid", it's so tricky... flu like or stomach bug symptoms can be heart related and that goes for anyone of any age. Signs of heart failure can be flu-like symptoms with vomiting, etc....

His last clinic showed his blood work was good. I have to remember though he is in heart failure which makes it uncertain at times when he doesn't get a…

"As I wrap up another day of life..."

Donate Life Wyoming
______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: |

Long-term survival possible for pediatric heart transplant patients

Science Daily

Infants and children who undergo heart transplantation are experiencing good outcomes after surgery and may expect to live beyond 15 years post-surgery with reasonable cardiac function and quality of life, according to a study released today at the 50th Annual Meeting of The Society of Thoracic Surgeons.

Hannah Copeland, MD and colleagues from Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, CA, reviewed medical charts of 337 pediatric heart transplant patients who underwent transplantation at their institution since 1985.

"The average adult survival rate following heart transplantation currently is 10 years," said Dr. Copeland. "We studied survival rates beyond 15 years for pediatric heart transplant patients to learn more about quality of life and factors that led to improved survival."

More than half (54.3% or 183/337) of the pediatric transplant patients in the study group survived at least 15 years past surgery.

The researchers found that of those 15-year survivo…

Altruistic acts more common in states with high well-being

Science Daily 

"Anywhere from 11% to 54% of adults say that they'd be willing to consider altruistic kidney donation, but only a tiny fraction of them actually become donors," says psychological scientist Abigail Marsh of Georgetown University, senior author on the study. "Our work suggests that subjective well-being may be a factor that 'nudges' some adults into actually donating."

The findings are published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

Defining altruism, and determining if it truly exists, has long been a topic of debate. Many seemingly selfless acts of altruism can be explained by indirect benefits to the do-gooder, such as a bump in social status or protection from the negative judgments of others.

Non-directed kidney donation is unique, says Marsh, because it meets the most stringent criteria for altruism. People willingly choose to donate their kidney to someone they aren't related to, someone t…

Celebrating transplant anniversary

Fort Scott Tribune | Loretta George
Loretta George/Tribune photo Brylynn Koppa dances in her living room in Fort Scott, one year after her double organ transplant.

Three-year-old Brylynn Koppa just celebrated the one year anniversary of her double organ transplant which took place Jan. 22, 2013 at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo. It was a 22-hour surgery ending on Jan. 23 at 3 a.m. with two surgeons, Dr. Walter Andrews and Dr. Richard Hendrickson, performing the rare kidney and liver transplant surgery.

"We have a lot of special memories, but one I love and will never forget is seeing her doctors high fiving around her bed the day after surgery. They were just as excited as we were to have it done and over with," Randi Koppa, Brylynn's 25-year-old mother and caregiver said. "Biggest reason being, because they did not know how this was all going to go. They warned us several times it was a very rare surgery and the last one they did was 10 years prior t…

The gift of life ... after death

The Durango Herald | Vanessa Guthrie
STEVE LEWIS/Durango Herald
“They were very compassionate, very understanding,” said Debbie Egger of the doctors who removed organs from her son, Dillon Egger, 18. Dillon Egger died in a car accident in the summer of 2009 on Wolf Creek Pass.

“They were very compassionate, very understanding,” said Debbie Egger of the doctors who removed organs from her son, Dillon Egger, 18. Dillon Egger died in a car accident in the summer of 2009 on Wolf Creek Pass.

In the summer of 2009, 18-year-old Dillon Egger of Durango died after a car accident on Wolf Creek Pass on his way home from Denver. That same week, a Grand Junction resident with failing health was moved to the top of the liver transplant list; he was given two months to live.

An unselfish decision made by Egger at age 16 saved three lives – including the Grand Junction man’s – in the aftermath of his tragic death. Two of his kidneys and a liver were donated to people in desperate need.

And it all started w…

Kidney transplant transforms life

Lee's Summit Journal | Russ Pulley

Melissa Bensouda, of Lee’s Summit, recently rode the Donate Life Rose Parade Float in Pasadena, Calif. in the Tournament of Roses Parade.

She shared how much the transplant meant to her with families of donors and other transplant recipients.

“It was a very humbling experience,” she said. Her transplanted kidney came from a deceased donor. She said those who look beyond their immediate grief to give to others are “heroes.”

She explained to them how the transplant gave her freedom for a fuller life with her family. She no longer missed her children’s school events because of being on dialysis. .

“I assured the grieving families that organ, tissue and eye donation not only save lives of the recipients, it saves lives of the people who love them,” Bensouda said.

While she had to be strong and endure emotional and financial strain because of her illness, she said, she could see the donors were much stronger.Continue reading_________________________________…

Nezami memorial puts spotlight on domestic violence, organ donation

Mining Gazette | Garrett Neese 

HOUGHTON - A crowd of more than 150 turned out Monday night to celebrate and say goodbye to someone they never got the chance to know.

A remembrance for Sanaz Nezami was held Tuesday night at Michigan Technological University. Nezami, who had been admitted to MTU as a graduate student for the spring semester, died Dec. 12 at Marquette General Hospital from head injuries sustained four days before. Her husband and alleged assailant, Nima Nassiri, is in the Houghton County Jail and charged with second-degree murder.

Sara Alian, president of Iranian Community at Michigan Tech, said as an Iranian graduate student, she could relate to Nezami.Continue reading______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: |

Kidney donor wishes organ went to someone more deserving - after husband she saved walked out

Plymouth Herald
Samantha and Andy Lamb pictured after the kidney transplant operation in 2009
A WOMAN who saved her dying husband’s life by giving him one of her kidneys says she wishes the organ had gone to someone who deserves it - after he walked out on her.

Andy Lamb was suffering from renal failure and was only being kept alive by dialysis sessions, until his wife Samantha persuaded him to take one of her kidneys.

Mrs Lamb, from Ivybridge, lost more than 3st in weight to make sure that she would be healthy enough for the transplant operation in October 2009.

The couple made the front page of The Herald and were even filmed for a BBC show which documented the story of her gift of love.Continue reading______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: |

Scotland encourages South Asians to donate organs

Daiji World 

London, Jan 29 (IANS): The Scottish government is encouraging members of the South Asian community in the country to sign up as organ donors after figures showed that fewer than one percent of people on the register are from this background.

Only 1,512 people out of the more than two million Scots currently on the National Health Service (NHS) organ donor register are from South Asian communities, the Scotland Herald reported Wednesday.

Despite the higher prevalence of diabetes, kidney and heart disease among the South Asian in recent times, the trend of donating organs has not improved.

The project is funded by the Scottish Government and managed by Kidney Research UK.

Twenty trained volunteers will speak to people of different faiths and cultural groups about organ donation in a bid to increase the number of organ donors.Continue reading______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn Californ…

Number of Australians donating their organs is on the rise

Sunshine Coast Daily

AUSSIES are donating more organs than ever before, with new figures showing a 58% rise in organ donation rates since 2009.

The figures, from the Organ and Tissue Authority and Australian and New Zealand Organ Donation Registry, were released on Wednesday.

It showed the 58% rise between 2009 and 2013, with a corresponding rise of 39% of actual transplant recipients since 2009, a fact welcomed by Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash.

Senator Nash said in 2013, 1,122 Australians got a "second chance at life" from the generosity of 391 organ donors and their families.

"The families of organ and tissue donors are to be thanked and commended for upholding the decision of their loved one and giving others the gift of life," she said.Continue reading______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside C…

Valentine’s Day is full of hearts! Let’s see how many we can fit into one room

Wolverines for Life

Valentine’s Day is full of hearts! Let’s see how many we can fit into one room:

(Recipients of other organ and tissue transplants, donors, donor families, medical staff and other supporters are encouraged to attend, too!)
______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: |

The Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency was recognized as the Service Organization of the Year for 2013

Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency
The Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency was recognized as the Service Organization of the Year for 2013 by the Flowood Chamber of Commerce. 

The award was presented at the Chamber's annual luncheon on Tuesday, January 28th at Northwest Rankin High School's Performing Arts Building. 

Pictured is MORA Hospital Development Coordinator Laura Rogers accepting the award from Flowood Mayor Gary Rhoads.
______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: |

Reserve your Donate Life California’s Pink Dot Plate today!
DONATE LIFE CALIFORNIA is the state-authorized nonprofit organization responsible for managing the Organ and Tissue Donor Registry. Our mission is to save lives by inspiring people to sign up with the state organ, eye and tissue donor registry. Our vision is that one day all Californians will embrace organ and tissue donation as their personal responsibility.

By purchasing and proudly displaying a Pink Dot Plate on your vehicle you can save lives by bringing attention to the more than 21,000 Californians waiting for a life-saving transplant and honoring the thousands who gave the gift of life.For more info and to reserve your plate please visit HERE______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: |

Branch County low in organ donor designation

The Daily Reporter | Don Reid
Jennifer Helmer, secretary of state liasion explains services to the Branch County Chamber of Commerce breakfast
COLDWATER — Only 45 percent of adults in Branch County are organ and tissue donors, Jennifer Helmer, liaison for Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, told the audience at a recent Branch County Chamber of Commerce breakfast.
That is an increase from 2011, when 27 percent were registered donors and Johnson made it mandatory for secretary of state staffers to ask those who came in to SOS offices if they wanted to sign up to be donors.
"Since (2011) the number has grown to 45 percent of Michigan adults," Helmer stated, noting that percentage was just behind the national average of 47 percent.
In Michigan there are 3,100 potential organ recipients waiting for kidney transplants.______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California:…

Organize is applying new technologies and new ideas to the organ donation space. 
There are almost 120,000 Americans waiting for a transplant, and 20 of them are dying every day. That’s not good enough for us. It shouldn’t be good enough for you.

Organize and its partners are doing whatever we can to register more donors, and are trying to build a system that makes it as easy as possible to do so.Click HERE to visit Organize.org______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: |

New app will help Utahns register as organ donors

The Salt Lake Tribune | Kristen Moulton

A New York organization with a satellite office in Utah is planning to launch a new app for smartphones Wednesday that will give Utahns another way to register as organ donors., founded last year by Jenna Arnold and Greg Segal, is working on issues related to organ donation, such as the fact there is a greater demand than supply.

Dixie Madsen of Intermountain Donor Services in Salt Lake City said 1.4 million Utah residents are registered as donors, including some 70 percent of Utah’s drivers. The state consistently ranks in the top five states for donor registration, she said.

While most people register when they get their driver’s licenses, prospective donors also can register online at or by filling out an application obtained from Yes Utah Donor Registry at 1-866-YES-UTAH or by email,

Organize is challenging residents of the Ogden Valley — Huntsville, Eden and Liberty — to register as organ donors during a…

Llandeilo teenager calls for others to donate organs after receiving "greatest gift" transplant

Carmarthen Journal 
Sophie Washington in hospital with her mum Lisa.
A LLANDEILO teenager is calling for more people to give the “greatest gift” of organ donation after having a life-saving transplant this year.

Sophie Washington, who has finally undergone a pancreas transplant for a rare and life-threatening form of brittle diabetes after years and years of waiting, is encouraging others to save a life by opting to donate their organs.

The 18-year-old has spent most of her life going in and out of hospital, last year Sophie was left stuck on an adult ward at Glangwili Hospital in Carmarthen for 12 weeks, after no package of care was put in place to allow her to be cared for outside of hospital.

Now after being put on the transplant list in March 2012, Sophie has finally received the treatment which could change her life.

She said: “It’s been quite hard for all of the family not knowing whether it would come in time, but I’m getting better now.”______________________________________________…

Kelvin’s Big, Loving Heart

Gift of Hope

Kelvin Martin is many things. He’s a deejay (DJ Flash … watch out for him), a father, a husband and – as of just 11 days ago – a heart transplant recipient.

Six months ago, Kelvin burst through the front doors of Gift of Hope for his first Advocates for Hope training. Since then, he’s inspired the Gift of Hope team with his boisterous, loving personality. He has reminded us of why our work is so vital to countless people across Illinois and Indiana.

In just a few hours, Kelvin will walk out of Rush University Medical Center as a new man with a new lease on life. We thank the selfless donor family that allowed Kelvin to keep his beat going.

Visit Gift of Hope by clicking HERE______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: |

Lifebanc Life Stories Campaign

Rocket Hub | LifeBanc
Lifebanc is the Northeast Ohio nonprofit organization working to save and heal lives through organ, eye and tissue donation. In Ohio, there are more than 3,000 people on the national waiting list. Nearly 1,800 live right here in Northeast Ohio.

The Lifebanc Life Stories campaign is a mission to obtain 100 new registered organ donors in Northeast Ohio and raise $20,000 to support outreach, education and bereavement services programming. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been touched by Lifebanc as a result of people like you. Here are three Lifebanc Life Stories about a donor, two recipients and one person waiting.

______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: |

Organ donation is promoted very differently in Brazil than in the UK

NHS Organ Donation Campaign 
Organ donation is promoted very differently in Brazil to here in the UK - it definitely has the shock factor. Is there something good in all of us? ______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: |