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Another common myth concerning organ donation.

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Families Honor Loved Ones Who Donated Organs

WLTX | Jasmine Styles

A person who donates their organs can help up to seven people and even up to hundreds if they donate tissue.
(Photo: WLTX)
More than 100,000 people around the country are waiting for organ transplants. About 1,000 of them are in our state.
"He was hilarious, loved music and could make anybody laugh and just enjoyed life," Lynn Finley said.

When Finley talks about her son Jesse, she beams as any mom would.

Unfortunately, she can only talk in past tense.

"He was 19-years-old and was hit by a drunk driver while riding his bike on the Blossom Street bridge in August of 2008," she said.

Although he's gone, he's living through at least seven other people.

He made the decision to be an organ donor long ago.

"Every time I'm with donor families and I see the transition that the families have had and the benefit that they feel they receive from knowing that their loved one who died saved the lives of someone else," Nancy Kay with LifePoint …

Kayla Baker's family receives organ donation advocacy award in her memory

CTV NEWS Kitchener

Kayla Baker lost her struggle with pulmonary fibrosis, but as Nadia Matos reports, her fight to raise awareness about organ donation continues to inspire the community.

Kayla Baker lost her long battle with pulmonary fibrosis six months ago.

The Cambridge teen was diagnosed with cancer as a toddler. The chemotherapy used to treat the cancer caused her to develop pulmonary fibrosis, which causes swelling and scarring of the alveoli (air sacs) and tissues of the lungs.

Kayla waited two years for a lung transplant. While she waited, she made it her mission to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation.

Last year the ‘Run aLung Race’ helped raise money for the Hospital for Sick Children. Kayla, who had hoped to run herself, instead rolled her wheelchair through the hospital’s halls.

“We had hopes last year that Kayla would have been here,” said her father Frank Baker. “Unfortunately due to complications we were in the hospital.”

Money raised at the event was used …

How thousands of football fans are helping to save lives

BBC NEWS MAGAZINE | By Julia Carneiro
BBC Brasil, Rio de Janeiro

A campaign by one of Brazil's biggest football clubs to encourage fans to become organ donors has led to a massive rise in the number of life-changing transplants and reduced waiting lists for organs in the area almost to zero.

"Every Brazilian is born with football in the soul," says Jorge Peixoto, of Sport Club Recife, one of the top teams in the north-east of the country.

For the last two years though, he has been more concerned about what happens to fans' bodies when they die.

The club decided it "must look beyond the 11 players on the field and use its power for bigger things," says Peixoto, the club's vice-president for social programmes.

It asked them to become "immortal fans" donating their organs after they die so that their love for the club will live on in someone else's body.
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Teenager spearheads donor awareness in Fort Lee

North Jersey | By Svetlana Shkolnikova

Johnny Damato, right, has spearheaded an annual fall donor awareness drive since 2012. Damato started the donor drives after receiving a heart transplant earlier that year. On June 1, however, Franklin Lakes will hold a basketball tournament in his honor to benefit the Damato family and Children's Organ Transplant Association (COTA).

FORT LEE — Since 2012, Fort Lee teenager Johnny Damato has rallied his community around an annual fall Donor Awareness Drive that raises money for organ transplant recipients, collects blood donations and adds potential donors to an organ and bone marrow registry.

Damato started the event after receiving a heart transplant that year. A rare congenital heart disease had caused his heart to swell to three times the size and weight of a normal one, putting the high school senior on 24-hour intravenous medication and forcing him to stay home from school.

This year, before he holds his third drive, Damato w…

Yakima man, nation needs organ donors

Yakima Herald | Ross Courtney

Patient Care Technician, John Contreras, right, prepares Dustin Koch, 32, for his weekly dialysis treatment at the DaVita Dialysis Center in Union Gap, Wash. on May 14, 2014. (MASON TRINCA/Yakima Herald-Republic)

UNION GAP — To hear Dustin Koch describe it, boredom is one of the worst parts of kidney failure.

He spends four hours hooked to a dialysis machine three times a week, watching television and waiting for the nation’s organ donor system to punch his number.

“I’m just waiting for a phone call, basically,” Koch said. “I’m just on the transplant list.”

Doctors tell Koch, who has a hereditary kidney disease, that he has a further wait of one to three years based on his relatively rare blood type. He’s already been waiting two years.

He is one of 123,051 people in the United States waiting for a donated organ. A total of 4,364 patients died in 2013 while waiting. The average wait is five to seven years.
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Campaign - Hundreds back Advertiser donor drive

Harrogate Advertiser | Ruby Kitchen

Hundreds of people have now backed an Advertiser series campaign to help save lives in our area by signing up to the Organ Donor Register.
In recent months, the Advertiser series has featured the stories of families across the district, revealing their personal battles as they fight devastating illnesses and overcome huge hardships.

It’s now emerged that in the 18 weeks of the campaign, a staggering 767 people have pledged to donate, potentially saving the lives of those who are still waiting for a life-changing transplant.

“It’s great to see so many people signing up,” said Rachel Wiseman, organ donation nurse at Harrogate District Hospital. “The Advertiser’s campaign has really brought organ donation to the forefront of people’s minds in the area and encouraged people to talk about their organ donation wishes with their loved ones.
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Ohio man seeks execution delay for kidney donation

News Democrat | Kantele Franko

FILE - This undated file photo provided by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction shows Ronald Phillips. Ohio executions have been put on hold for 2 1/2 months after a federal judge said he wanted to hear arguments over the state’s new lethal injection procedures. Frost’s order delays the July 2 execution of Phillips, sentenced to die for the rape and death of Sheila Marie Evans, his girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter, in Akron in 1993.

COLUMBUS, OHIO — A condemned Ohio child killer who wants to donate a kidney to his mother before his execution is requesting another reprieve after the state rejected his first organ donation request.

Attorneys for the inmate, Ronald Phillips, want the execution delayed until 2016. They say by then, Phillips' 66-year-old mother either will achieve necessary weight loss to safely undergo transplant surgery or likely will succumb to complicati…

Organ donation gives Nouvel Catholic Central football moms a bond of life

MLive High School Sports | Hugh Bernreuter

Neil Barris | From left, Sue Joynt and Celia Sullivan smile at the Nouvel Catholic Central High School football field, Friday, May 23, 2014. Joynt donated 60 percent of her liver to Sullivan less than two years ago. Both of their sons played on Nouvel's football team and that is how they knew each other.

SAGINAW TOWNSHIP, MI — Sue Joynt and Celia Sullivan were friendly, but not necessarily friends.

But they shared a bond as Saginaw Nouvel CC football mothers. Since 2012, they share a much deeper bond.

Joynt donated part of her liver to Sullivan, saving her life and enabling her to watch her son, Ryan Sullivan, compete in Saturday's Division 3 state track meet at Comstock Park for Saginaw Nouvel.

Joynt is the mother of former Nouvel CC receiver C.J. Joynt and girls basketball player Alex Joynt. In 2012, Ryan Sullivan and C.J. Joynt were teammates for the Panthers, who finished 9-3 after losing to Flint Beecher in a playoff quarte…

UNOS reports April was a record breaking month for organ donations

Nephrology News

The United Network for Organ Sharing reported that its organ center set a new record in April for average daily placement of organs for transplant. During April, the UNOS organ center staff placed on average 38.5 organs per day

Activity on certain days during the month was considerably higher than the average, UNOS said in a news release. Over a two-day period on April 16 and 17, Organ Center staff were involved in placing 105 organs.

“We are honored to work with the transplant community and provide the most possible opportunities for people to benefit from the gift of organ donation,” said Tory Boffo, an Organ Placement Specialist who commonly works the night shift. “April is also National Donate Life Month, so the fact that it was a record-setting month for us takes on some added significance.”

To support transplant centers, OPOs and histocompatibility laboratories throughout the United States, the Organ Center is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It has b…

Teams Walk/Race on June 8 to Remember Organ & Tissue Donors and Celebrate Life

Digital Journa

New Providence, NJ (PRWEB) May 30, 2014. More than 300 teams comprising an estimated 9,000 participants will hit the pavement in New Providence on Sunday, June 8th, for the fourth-annual 5K Walk and USATF Certified Race, the largest fundraiser of the year for NJ Sharing Network. The theme will be: "To Remember. To Honor. To Give Hope."

The fun-filled family event will include music, awards, prizes and activities for all ages.

The event has raised nearly $2 million in the past three years. Organizers this year have set an ambitious goal of $1 million, buoyed by the generous support of presenting sponsor, Pfizer, and dozens of corporate partners and generous volunteers.

Each race team has a poignant story. Some teams participate to honor the legacy of someone who died and gave the gift of organs and tissue. Others will walk or race to remember those who died while waiting for an organ. Some teams participate to offer hope for someone currently waiting for an organ o…

PoCo woman waits for lifesaving transplant

The Tri-Cities Now | Jeremy Deutsch

Adrienne Pace is running out of options and time.

The Tri-Cities resident has end-stage kidney failure and, if she doesn't get a new organ sooner rather than later, she likely won't live to see another birthday.

She's on kidney dialysis, but that life-saving treatment might stop working too.

"I have no quality of life," Pace told the Tri-Cities NOW from her home in Port Coquitlam as she waits for a donor.

"I'm lucky if I have a good day."

She's reaching out and telling her story in hopes someone will be a match and donate their kidney to her.

What has the 43-year-old in such a dire situation goes back two decades. Pace originally started having kidney problems in 1994.
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Organ donors honored for giving gift of life

12 News Now | Brittany Rainville

BEAUMONT - More than 20 Beaumont area organ donors were honored by their surviving family and friends at a special event hosted by the staffs of Christus Hospital St. Elizabeth and Donate Life Texas.

Among those honored was the family of 16-year-old Alexandria "Lexy" Bertrand, the Vidor teen who died in a February car crash that police say was intentionally caused by a man who crashed into her family's minivan.

Lexy’s mom April Bertrand said she's not quite ready to meet the people whose lives have been saved by the death of her daughter.

“I would love to hear my daughter’s heart beat again,” Bertrand said. “I think it would be a beautiful thing.”
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This weekend, we'd like to take some time to address the common misconceptions

Gift of Life Donor ProgramThis weekend, we'd like to take some time to address the common misconceptions that we hear every day when asking individuals if they have thought about registering to be and organ and tissue donor. Help us combat these myths by sharing this photo with #KnowTheFacts so when someone claims one of these myths as their reason for not registering, you can be armed with the truth! Let's start with the most common offender...______________________________________________________ "You have the power to SAVE lives." To register as a donor TODAYIn California: | Outside California: |

Study: Grey's Anatomy is turning people against organ donation

VOX | Dylan Matthews

Meredith, how could you? Danny Feld/ABC via Getty Images

About 18 people die every day waiting for organ donations. There are a lot of potential ways to reduce the shortage of organs, but under current law the easiest is probably persuading people to register as donors in case of death. And TV doesn't appear to be helping that cause.

There's some evidence, much of it from Purdue University's Susan Morgan and the University of Illinois' Brian Quick, that portrayals of organ donation on TV are generally negative, or, at least, that negative portrayals may get a wider distribution. In one study, Morgan and coauthors reviewed network TV shows from 2004-05 for organ donation related content, and concluded, "the framing of organ donation is primarily negative and highlights moral and material corruption in the medical and organ allocation systems."

It's extremely difficult to test the effects of that messaging on donation rates directly. What&…

The Waiting Game Page 1

City Weekly | Courtney Tanner

For Heart Transplant Hopefuls And Their Doctors, Every Day Is Vital

Deborah Budge won’t tell you what’s on her grocery list or what her deepest fears are. She won’t talk about her favorite memory or her personal life.

No, Budge does not wear her heart on her sleeve. And her sleeves themselves are covered by the polyester-blend white lab coat she wears every day to work as a cardiologist at Murray’s Intermountain Heart Institute.

What Budge will talk about is her devotion to her job and her belief in its importance. The 37-year-old, who joined the staff of Intermountain Medical Center in 2009, has been part of more than 200 heart transplants during her training and career. For Budge, these numbers are what make up her life. They represent her accomplishments and failures.

“To me, there’s nothing greater than to take somebody that has heart failure to such a degree that they’re incredibly limited and have a short life expectancy and to be able to give them a com…

Support Group Helps Bozeman Man After Transplant

ABC-FOX Montana | Brittany Wright
A new group helps people in need of an organ transplant or in need of support after getting the procedure.

Tyler Garrison never imagined a cut would lead him to needing a transplant.

"It was a little overwhelming to have a cut on our finger and then end up in the hospital in Billings and finding out your kidneys are starting to fail," said Garrison.

Garrison ended up with a staph infection and his ankles began to swell. He went to the doctors and was rushed to Billings where doctors discovered Garrison's kidneys were failing.

"I immediately went into the research phase and the doctors in Billings informed me that I would be the perfect person for a pancreatic kidney transplant," said Garrison.
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Blues guitarist receives long-awaited liver transplant

KETV Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. -A popular blues guitarist has traveled the world performing for the last 40 years, but it was a trip to Omaha that changed his life.

Walter Trout, 63, came to the Nebraska Medical Center seven weeks ago to await a transplant that he desperately needed for his failing liver.

According to his wife, Marie Trout, his health started declining a year ago. Even with his health condition, he refused to stop performing. He played in more than 100 shows last year even though he was practically dying on stage.

“They (fans) gave him such support and love, and as he became weaker and weaker, his way of playing changed slightly,” said Marie.

Marie said they came to the Nebraska Medical Center because it was highly recommended by other musicians, and doctors said Walter had better odds of finding a liver in Omaha.

“We are in the center of the country which makes it easier for organs to be transported to us, as opposed to other parts of the country, and the sicker you are, the highe…

First transplant recipients to help celebrate U-M Transplant Center’s 50th anniversary

CS Mott Children's Hospital
Media, public invited to ice cream social Sunday celebrating milestone anniversary for organ transplantation program
Ann Arbor, Mich. – Identical twin sisters Janice and Joan Ottenbacher were just 15 years old when they underwent a groundbreaking operation at the University of Michigan.

Janice was dying, her kidneys failing. Joan agreed to donate a kidney. And as their parents waiting anxiously, the twins successfully survived the first kidney transplant done in Michigan.

Fifty years later, both are healthy and thriving. They both became nurses, got married, had children and grandchildren.

This Sunday, they will join with the University of Michigan community to celebrate the 50th anniversary during an ice cream social at Crisler Center, 333 E. Stadium Boulevard from 1 to 5 p.m.

“I should have not been here, 50 years ago, if it weren’t for God’s hand in our life and the technology and the doctors and nurses at the hospital,” says Janice Ottenbacher Schroeder,…

Heart recipient makes pitch for organ donations

ABC7 | Kendra Nichols

NEW CUMBERLAND, Pa. (WHTM) -Alex Joynt of New Cumberland was born a healthy baby boy. At two months old he became ill, and doctors discovered he had developed a heart defect.

At first, doctors tired to treat him with medicine, but it did not work. His parents were told they would have to put their son on the transplant list.

"The doctor said, 'I cannot believe he is in your arms right now.' They never really gave us a time frame. They just said we had to get on the list right away, so things were bad," said Tracy Joynt, Alex's mother.

Alex was on the waiting list for four months when his parents got the call that a heart was available. They took a flight to Pittsburgh to have the transplant done. Alex was 6 months old.

"That whole time in that plane I am holding him and I am happy, but all I could think about was the other family and what they were going through. It was really mixed emotions," Joynt said.
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abc27 WHTM

Transplant patients put on hold due to new Indiana Medicaid rules

INDIANAPOLIS -The Governor's office and State Social Services are scrambling to find a fix for hundreds of transplant patients put on hold due to Indiana's new Medicaid program.

There's not a lot of time to fix the issue that could leave kidney transplant patients without access to the life-saving organs they need. The new Medicaid program takes effect on Sunday.

13 Investigates began hearing rumblings about this latest Medicaid issue after a couple of dialysis centers went to bat for their patients highlighting hundreds of cases of individuals who will lose Medicaid in four days, and along with it, their hope for a kidney transplant.

Paulette Gardner of Speedway is one of those patients. She sat down with 13 Investigates Wednesday afternoon. She showed the "official notification" she and other dialysis patients received saying they "have been placed on hold in the United Network of Organ Sharing."
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13 WTHR Indianapolis _____________…

Brothers mark 35 years with kidney gift

Tennessean | Tom Wilemon

Tom Cooper, left, received a kidney from his brother Ed in 1979.
(Photo: Submitted )
For 35 years, Tom Cooper has pondered how to say thank you on the anniversary of the day his little brother saved his life.

One year, he took him to a basketball game in Denver. Another year, he sent him a dozen roses. This time, he wrote a book.

Cooper has the longest surviving kidney from a transplant performed at Vanderbilt University Medical Center — a kidney that his younger brother donated on Feb. 20, 1979. He writes about the experience in "Miracle at Exit Number 3," which in many ways is a tribute to Ed Cooper of Hermitage.

The two brothers will appear together this week at Nashville events in celebration of the book and to raise awareness about organ donation.

Tom Cooper was a 26-year-old man nearing death when the transplant occurred. His kidneys had been damaged by sulfa drugs when he was a child.
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Transplant patients climb Mount Rainier with their doctors

King 5 | Abbey Gibb

MOUNT RAINIER, Wash. - A handful of incredible men and women are making their way up Mount Rainier this weekend as part of the "One Step Closer Climb." The annual event pairs transplant doctors with their patients and together, they scale the more than 14,000 feet.

"Thinking about how I could have been dead now and I'm not. I'm doing all the things I used to do. They gave me back the life I used to have," said Tim O'Brien, 56.

The mountain climbing bug bit O'Brien as a kid. He's summited Mount Rainier 101 times, scaled the Himalayas and hit Alaska's highest peaks.

Just about 4 years ago, right after his 98th climb, O'Brien was diagnosed with kidney disease. Without a transplant, doctors gave him five years to live and told him he would never climb again. Talk about a love story, his wife donated one of her kidneys and O'Brien also gained a new unexpected friend.
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Iowa organ donors urged to have talk with loved ones, don’t just check box

Radio Iowa | Matt Kelley
Iowans are being encouraged to sign up to be organ donors and to let their loved ones know they’ve done so and why.

Dr. Howard Koh, Assistant Secretary for Health at the U-S Department of Health and Human Services, says it’s easy — and important — to register to become an organ, eye and tissue donor.

“Over 120,000 people are on waiting lists hoping for a chance at life-saving organ donation,” Dr. Koh says. “Nearly 2,000 of them are kids and tragically, every day in our country, some 18 people die on those waiting lists hoping for organ donation.”

This month, 578 Iowans are on waiting lists for transplants. Last year, 109 Iowans received transplants. While you may have checked the box to become an organ donor the last time you renewed your driver’s license, Koh says that’s not enough.

“The actual decision to donate is often made by a family member at the bedside about to lose a loved one,” Koh says. “That’s why it’s critically important for that family member to kno…

Mother strives to raise money, awareness of rare liver disease

The Daily Reporter | Jennifer Edwards
SHEFFIELD, Alabama — Katie Mason talks about liver function, medications, surgeries and procedures better than any mother should. She does it, despite the pain, because she wants her son's legacy to last much longer than the short seven months he spent on earth.

Bryson Walden was diagnosed with a rare liver disease, biliary atresia, in July, when he was just a month old. He died Dec. 30, just one day after the liver transplant Mason thought would save her baby boy.

"When they told me his liver was coming, I whispered to him that everything was going to be OK," Mason said. "Sometimes, I feel like I lied to him."

But Mason was just telling her son what she believed to be true after spending almost all of the previous six months in the hospital in Birmingham.

After a traumatic birth in her 36th week of pregnancy, Bryson stopped breathing and the medical problems began appearing. It was one thing after another for the first month of…

Shock at rise in death toll of those waiting for kidney transplants

Yorkshire Post | Molly Lynch

Victoria Garland spent 11 years on the Kidney Transplant Wait List
MORE THAN 50 people died waiting for kidney transplants in Yorkshire last year, prompting campaigners to call for more organ donors to come forward.
Statistics from the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) authority show that 51 patients passed away in need of a transplant in the region between April last year and this month - up from 48 during 2012/2013. Cases include those who have deteriorated so badly they have been removed from the waiting list because they are unfit to undergo surgery.

With 765 people living in Yorkshire in need of a kidney and just 30 per cent of residents registered as an organ donor, patients have spoken of the need for a change in attitude to prevent more lives being lost.

A rise in altruistic donation - where a living person gives a kidney to a stranger - has been held up as a solution to the problem.

Reverend Simon Swailes, aged 62, of Kingston upon Hull, and Sam Nagy, 21…

Times-News names Grimm winner of Inspirational Athlete award

Erie Times-News

Brittany Grimm, Fairview senior, winner of the Varsity Cup Inspirational Athlete of the Year Award/ERIE TIMES-NEWS

The Varsity Cup Inspirational Athlete of the Year faced tremendous adversity at a very early age and has overcome those challenges with courage and grace.

Fairview senior Brittany Grimm's story is inspiring, and it's familiar to many readers of the Erie Times-News. Grimm underwent a heart transplant at the age of 11, and today she's a goal-driven young woman who's focused on high school graduation and college.

Grimm will be given the Inspirational Athlete of the Year award at the fourth annual Varsity Cup awards dinner June 4 at the Ambassador Center.

She is a unique choice for the Varsity Cup award because she has never competed in a District 10 sporting event. However, she is an athlete -- a swimmer and tennis player, to be exact.

Her heart transplant prevented her from competing on a full-time basis at Fairview. That didn't stop her from e…

Cwmbran transplant teen plans fundraising 'thank you'

South Wales Argus

PUB FUNDRAISER: Lucy Augustus, 17, of Cwmbran, is arranging fundraising events at the Waterloo Inn pub run by her parents

FROM a toddler to her mid-teens, Lucy Augustus has had the skill of surgeons, doctors and nurses at Birmingham Children’s Hospital to thank for saving her life with a liver transplant - and caring for her since.

Now the 17-year-old is planning a summer of fundraising to provide the hospital’s liver unit with a special “goodbye” gift before she switches to the care of the adult team at the city’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).

She intends her efforts to be a special “thank you “ too, to the memory of the girl whose liver she received, and whose family made the decision to donate their daughter’s organs after she had died.

Without the transplant she underwent at just two years of age on St David’s Day 1999, Lucy’s prognosis was bleak.
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Parents Donate Heart Of Son Who Died After 3-Story Fall

CBS Los Angeles
RANCHO CUCAMONGA ( — A mother and father donated the heart of their 3-year-old son who died from a three-story fall in Rancho Cucamonga last week.

“I’m just heartbroken, he was my baby,” mother Vanessa Sutton said.

Edward Sutton Jr., nicknamed Ju-Ju by his loved ones, was the light of his parents’ life.

He was energetic and loved basketball.

Last week, Ju-Ju got too close to his bedroom window inside his parents’ third-floor apartment.

“He looked at a puppy, next thing I know, he was down on the ground. The screen went off with him,” Sutton said. “He went head-first…three stories.”
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Miniaturized Dialysis Machine Successful for First Neonate

Medscape | Larry Hand
A miniaturized dialysis machine has been used to successfully treat a neonate with acute kidney injury, according to an article published in the May 24 issue of the Lancet.

At this time, physicians have to adapt continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) machines designed and built for adults to treat babies, but that presents safety and effectiveness challenges for neonates and infants weighing less than 10 kg.

Claudio Ronco, MD, director of the Department of Nephrology, Dialysis, and Transplantation at the International Renal Research Institute, San Bortolo Hospital, Vicenza, Italy, and colleagues designed, developed, and conducted in vitro testing of the miniaturized CRRT machine, aptly named CARPEDIEM (for Cardio-Renal Pediatric Dialysis Emergency Machine), during a 5-year period and began treatment of the first infant on August 29, 2013.

The patient was 72 hours old and in the neonatal intensive care unit with hemorrhagic shock, multiple organ dysfunction, and …

Saved by her grandma, the six-year-old girl who desperately needed a kidney after more than 30 operations

Daily Mail | Lizzie Perry

Ella Chadwick was born with the rare condition congenital nephrotic syndrome, which caused her to suffer kidney failure at 19 months. Both her kidneys were removed and she was put on dialysis until her father Martin donated one of his kidneys

A six-year-old who has endured more than 30 operations has been given a new lease of life, saved by her grandmother who donated a kidney.

Ella Chadwick was born with the rare congenital nephrotic syndrome, and had both of her kidneys removed when she was 19 months old.

The youngster has had 38 operations and was facing having dialysis treatment for the rest of her life.

When a kidney transplant from her father Martin failed in October 2010, Ella's parents gave up hope.

But Ella's grandmother, Christine Chadwick, stepped in and offered to be a donor.

The 58-year-old was found to be a match for her young granddaughter and the operation took place at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Ella's mother Karen Hughes, 33…

Number of organ donors in Colombia continues to decline

Columbia Reports

(Photo: El Espectador)
A national health institute is looking to boost the percentage of people in Colombia willing to donate their organs after donor numbers fell by 15% over the last two years, El Espectador newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Due to the number of Colombia’s total post-mortem organ donors reaching the low level of only eight donors per million people, the National Health Institute (INS) has teamed up with Spanish-based Barcelona Institute of Donation and Transplants to highlight the issue in the hope of changing the trend, El Espectador reported.

Maria Angelica Salinas, coordinator of the Network of Donation and Transplantation, a branch of the INS, stated, “we are conducting visits with Spanish specialists to share information, comments and recommendations in order to optimize the process (of organ donation).”
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Letter: Organ donation letter ‘inaccurate’

The Sentinel
Dear Editor:

As the recipient of a life-saving kidney and liver transplant, I must speak up for the more than 8,500 people waiting for a life-saving organ transplant in Pennsylvania. I was shocked and offended by the insensitive and almost wholly inaccurate letter from lobbyist Susan Shanaman that was recently published in The Sentinel.

The letter makes false, outrageous claims about organ transplants and the proposed law, the Donate Life Pennsylvania Act, which save more lives by improving the organ donation process in Pennsylvania.

Ms. Shanaman wrongly claims that under the bill individuals and their families would no longer be asked for their consent to donate organs. That is absolutely false. Under this bill, like current state law, the wishes of donors and their families prevail; it does not allow others to overrule their express wishes.

Even worse, Ms. Shanaman attacks the very practice of organ donation itself, which has saved thousands of lives over the years thanks t…

Time to change our thinking about organ donation

Global News | Dr. Ali Zentner

It’s official. I’m an organ donor. Trust me, I double-checked.

According to B.C. Transplant, I’ve been an organ donor for less than a year. I’ve been a licensed physician for almost 13 years.

It’s not that I didn’t think about it sooner. I’ve had many patients in my career with organ failure who have been on a transplant list. At this moment I can think of easily half a dozen people in my practice who are awaiting an organ transplant.

Since 2001, I have taken care of three patients who were organ donors.

I can remember my fist experience as if it were last week. I was on call for Internal Medicine and ICU as a new staff physician in Alberta. It was the fall of 2002.

It was my first week in my new job. I was called to the emergency room to see a 56-year-old woman called “Rosie” who had collapsed in the emergency room.
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Brockington Encourages Power to Save Life

ProPlayers Insider | Theresa Villano

Donating an organ or tissue is a powerful way to show your love. One person who donates organs (hearts, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas and intestines) can save up to eight lives, while a tissue donor (corneas, bone, skin, heart valves, tendons, veins, etc.) can improve 12 or more lives. Tissue donation is in high demand for military beacaue of its ability to restore eyesight, help fight infections in burn patients and prevent the loss of mobility and disability.

Fan for Life, an amazing event put on by the Green Bay Packers 1st round draft pick from 1971, John Brockington. With the help of his wife and kidney donor, John Brockington‘s Foundation has been building a culture which organ donation is commonplace in San Diego. Their mission is also to provide financial and resource support for those donating, awaiting, and/or receiving organs; and to promote health education to minority communities who are disproportionately represented on the transplan…

West Bridgewater mom hoping for new lease on life with kidney donation

The Enterprise | Jennifer Bray

Emily J. Reynolds/The Enterprise | Jennie Williams, 50, with her daughter Jocelyn, 6, in their West Bridgewater home on Monday, Feb. 10, 2014.
WEST BRIDGEWATER – On the verge of her life-saving surgery, Jenny Williams prayed not for herself but her organ donor.

Williams, 50, of West Bridgewater, has been waiting years for a new kidney.
Friday at 3 p.m., Williams called her family members on the phone, an hour before she was scheduled to undergo surgery to receive a new kidney.

“Everything is a perfect match,” said her sister Leslie Anderson of West Bridgewater. The kidney was taken from a living donor who suffered a stroke, Anderson said. “Jenny asked for the people at her church (First Church of West Bridgewater) to say a prayer for the donor’s family. It’s good for Jenny but sad for their family.”

Williams underwent surgery Friday and was listed in good condition at Tufts Medical Center Saturday, according to a hospital spokesperson.
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Running on all cylinders at City2South thanks to lung transplant

The Sydney Morning Herald | Sophie Burke

Sophie Burke puts in the training. Photo: Michelle Smith
I should not be alive. But I am – thanks to a complete stranger.

Earlier this year I was dying until I received the ultimate gift - a life-saving double lung transplant.

I am only 25, but became breathless with simple tasks like brushing my teeth. I was on oxygen. I slept for 16 hours a day; cystic fibrosis had destroyed my lungs.

We knew where things were headed.

But when I received ‘the’ call from the Prince Charles Hospital with news of an organ match, little did I know that my life and prognosis would change overnight.

Such is the wonder and vital importance of organ donation.

Organ transplantation is a miracle not just because of the team of physicians, surgeons and staff who performed (in my case) the seven-hour surgery and post-transplant care, but because of the number of stars that must align for any transplant to occur.
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Toronto doctors set to perform Canada's first hand transplant

London Community News | Megan Ogilvie
Toronto doctors set to perform Canada's first hand transplant

Toronto surgeons expect to perform the country’s first hand transplant, marking the start of a new age in tissue reconstruction and giving hope to Canadians who suffer from debilitating and disfiguring injuries.

Reconstructive surgeons at Toronto Western Hospital are looking for possible candidates for a hand transplant, and say the first patient to undergo the pioneering procedure will likely be someone who needs two new hands.

Children who have lost a hand in an accident or been born without arms or hands will also be candidates for a transplant, overseen by surgeons at The Hospital for Sick Children.

Dr. Steven McCabe, director of the University of Toronto Hand and Upper Extremity Program, says the first hand transplant — expected within six months — opens the door to Toronto offering other innovative tissue surgeries, including partial and full face transplants.
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Megan Marie Bridges
The gap between those waiting to receive organ transplants and those who have received organ transplants continues to widen.

Currently, more than 100,000 Americans are on the kidney transplant waiting list, many of whom will die before a donor-recipient match is found. In fact, the numbers are staggering; 14 people die each day while waiting for a kidney transplant. The organ procurement system has failed tens of thousands of patients suffering from kidney failure and is in dire need of reform. While some advocates favor opt-out (or presumed consent) laws to increase organ supplies, others have argued for more controversial measures, such as a regulated organ market. The latter claim that the present ban on organ sales is responsible for current scarcities, and a repeal of the prohibition is necessary to eliminate the waiting list altogether. Consider the favorite example of kidney vending proponents: Iran.

Although Iran has garnered media attention in recent years f…

Rolesville volunteers help family as they await daughter's liver transplant

The State | Sarah Barr

ROLESVILLE --- Brooke Parrish is an eighth-grader who loves to dance, draw and play softball.

She's an iPad movie-making whiz with a reel of trailers that are spot-on imitations of the action flicks she likes best.

She's a willowy eighth-grader with long, dark red curls, and will graduate from Rolesville Middle School this spring as an honor roll student. She has dreams of California and a career in the movies.

But first, she needs a liver transplant.

For more than two years, Brooke has been waiting for the transplant that will give her relief from the days she spends exhausted and out of breath because of a condition called Hepatopulmonary syndrome.

She was diagnosed in early 2012 after visiting the doctor for what seemed like a bad cold. Doctors soon realized the oxygen saturation levels in her blood were far too low, but it took time to piece together just what was wrong. The syndrome is a liver disease that also affects the heart and lungs.
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18,000 patients still waiting for organ transplant

ABN News

KUALA LUMPUR, May 24 – A total of 18,000 patients nationwide are still waiting for organ transplant, said Dr Rafidah Abdullah, the deputy president of the Malaysian Transplant Association (MTA).

Rafidah, who is also head of Nephrology Department, Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Hospital, Temerloh said the World Health Organisation (WHO) noted Malaysia’s organ donation was only 0.8 percent per million, among the lowest in the world.

She said the level of awareness among the people was still low, with declining number of new donors annually.
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Mt. Olive man remembers father by helping others

Daily Record | Leslie Ruse
After watching his father deal with a double lung transplant, Storm Shawl decided he wanted to honor him by helping other organ transplant patients.

Together with his sister, Natalie Sheard of Jackson, and five other family members and friends, Shawl formed A Shawl of Hope Organ Transplant Support Foundation in honor of their father, William G. Shawl.

“He was tough. He was a real big guy, a gentle giant. He was a real nice guy. Loved going outside. Loved fishing, loved hunting, and he was a big Steelers fan,” said Shawl, who lives in Flanders with his wife, Jennifer, and three children.

The organization will hold its first Annual All-American Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, June 1 at The Mall at 206, located at 240 Route 206 South in Flanders. Admission is free to spectators, but car, truck and cycle owners will pay $25 to show their vehicles, with 100 percent of the proceeds going toward the foundation.
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Children's hospital volunteer cheers the sickest

The Olympian | BY ANA VECIANA-SUAREZ, Miami Herald

In this May 9, 2014 photo, Holtz Children's Hospital volunteer "Grandpa Juan" Manfredi walks hand-in-hand with Armonnie Smith, 3, of Miami, toward the Pediatric Transplant Surgical Unit's playroom in Miami. Armonnie had a multiple-organ transplant and has been in and out of the hospital his entire life. Manfredi, 72, of Hollywood, volunteers at Holtz Children's Hospital at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami three times a week. THE MIAMI HERALD, MARSHA HALPER — AP Photo

MIAMI — Juan Manfredi is 72, retired, a grandfather with hair as white as a sheet of unblemished paper. But in the corridors of Holtz Children's Hospital at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center, he is a rock star, a celebrity.

"Hey, Grandpa." one nurse calls out.


"You here today, Grandpa?"

For the past decade, Manfredi has been a volunteer at the hospital, primarily in the pediatric intensiv…

Mercer's protege carries out expeditions with new heart

Insurance News Net |Tom Henry, The Blade, Toledo, Ohio

Mr. Thompson, 66, led an expedition to mountains in west-central Tibet in May, 2013, less than a year after receiving a heart transplant on June 1, 2012. Mr. Thompson wants to be an inspiration to all people who receive organ transplants. "If I can work at 20,000 feet above, other transplant people should have no problem with a normal job working at sea level," Mr. Thompson...

May 25--COLUMBUS -- One of John H. Mercer's most famous Ohio State University students was Lonnie Thompson, who has led 60 expeditions over 40 years, many to high-mountain regions, in search of ice that yields clues about the Earth's climate history.

Now -- as if that sort of career isn't adventurous enough -- he's doing it with a new heart.

Mr. Thompson, 66, led an expedition to mountains in west-central Tibet in May, 2013, less than a year after receiving a heart transplant on June 1, 2012. And he recently traveled to South Korea.

Mr. …

A gift from the family of one fallen officer to another

Norwalk Reflector | Aaron Krause
Event unites families of Andrew Dunn and police officer who died in California.

Organ donation united the families of slain Sandusky police officer Andrew Dunn and the parents of a late Sacramento, Calif. police officer, Joseph Chairez.

Norwalk resident Kathi Flew's late son, Dylan, who died in a motorcycle accident in July 2006, saved five lives through organ donation and 64 lives through tissue donation. She met Chairez's father, Jess, at the Transplant Games of America in 2012, a multi-sport festival for people who've undergone life-saving transplant surgeries.

At that event, the two started talking about Dunn, who was shot and killed while attempting to question a suspect in Sandusky on March 19, 2011.

Flew asked Chairez, who learned to make special quilts after receiving badges from various police officers, if he could make a quilt for the Dunn family. Dunn left behind a wife who is a Norwalk High School graduate and two small children.

A Hero is....

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Organ recipient has emotional meeting with donor's family

KTVU | Bob Roth

Faith Tootell waited anxiously to meet a couple she had never met before, the mother and father of a young man who in death saved her life.

She said was afraid she would be a disappointment to them.

Tootell told KTVU not a day has gone by since her kidney transplant three years ago that she hasn't thought of Michael Choppi whose kidney she received after he took his own life at the age of 24.

"We live right on the hill in Fremont and I’m looking at the beautiful hills in front of me, I think of Michael," said Tootell.

When Michael's parents arrived there were tears.

Later that day Kim and Michael Choppi who live in Mesa, Arizona, shared photographs of their son and rest of their family.

It turns the Choppis' were just as nervous about meeting Faith as she was was about meeting them.
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Donor Alliance Named One Of The Top Workplaces In Colorado

PR Newswire

DENVER May 20 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Donor Alliance the federally designated non-profit organ procurement organization serving Colorado and most of Wyoming is pleased to announce that it has been selected as one of The Denver Post Top Workplaces.

The notable list is determined based on employee feedback. The employee survey is conducted by WorkplaceDynamics LLP a leading research firm on organizational health and employee engagement.

"We are dedicated to saving lives through organ and tissue donation and transplantation and our mission-driven culture gives our employees a strong sense of purpose" said Sue Dunn president and CEO of Donor Alliance. "With more than 100000 small employers in Colorado and nearly 200 that entered the Top Workplaces competition we are very proud to be among the best."
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Jockey's father grateful for her 'great life'

Otago Daily News | John Gibbs

Despite tough times, Lockey Mundy has found plenty to be positive about after his daughter, jockey Ashlee Mundy, died following a race fall at Kurow in 2012.

Mr Mundy (58), who lives near Westport, was in Dunedin yesterday to attend a coroner's court hearing into her death.

He said there had also been some difficult times.

But mentally and emotionally, he was feeling ''in a good spot'' after yesterday's hearing.

His daughter, his only child, had died in a ''freak'' racing accident, which was no-one's fault, and reflected the underlying risks of the racing industry.''

She was a bubbly person. I'm so grateful for the great life that she had,'' he told the Otago Daily Times.
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