Brain dead youth gives new lease of life to two women

Times of India

Under cadaver donation, commonly, organs like kidneys, liver and heart are harvested and transplanted. But in Thursday’s case, only kidneys could be tra

JAIPUR: After being on dialysis for 12 years, a 50-year-old woman from Ajmer underwent a kidney transplant in Jaipur on Thursday.

It was the third cadaver organ transplant in the state. The organs like kidneys and heart were harvested from a brain-dead person at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital (MGMCH). The recipient of one kidney was the Ajmer woman whose kidneys had failed because of high blood pressure. It was the second cadaver organ transplant of the hospital; the first one was conducted on February 6.

"Every week, the woman had to undergo dialysis twice. Her kidneys had failed because of high blood pressure. We identified top three persons in the waiting list of Rajasthan Network for Organ Sharing (RNOS). She was on the top of the waiting list," said Dr Suraj Godara, consultant nephrologist and transplant physician at the hospital.

The third transplant became possible as the family of a resident of Vijay Nagar in Sriganganagar agreed to donate the organs of a brain-dead kin.