'Our child's life was out of our hands' - 12-year-old given new lease of life after lung transplant

Borehamwood and Esltree Times | Anna Slater

A bright and bubbly schoolgirl who was given a new lease of life after a lung transplant says she will be “forever in the debt” of her organ donor.

Chloe Bennett, of Glenhaven Avenue, Borehamwood, was born with breathing condition cystic fibrosis (CF) and spent most of her childhood in and out of hospital.

But after spending just ten months critically ill on the organ donor waiting list, the she was offered a double lung transplant at Great Ormond Street Hospital late last year – which in turn saved her life.

The 12-year-old is a strong advocate of organ donation and is encouraging more people to sign up to the register.

Her mother, Tasha Bennett, said: “It’s hard, because the person whose lungs Chloe had helped save my daughter’s life but at the same time, their family lost someone.

“Chloe says she will be forever in their debt. They’ve done something amazing by saving someone else’s child while grieving.

“Until you’re in that position, you don’t know how important being on the register is.” Continue reading.