Conquering life’s curve balls: 10 years later, four-organ transplant recipient living normally

Temple Daily Telegram | Janice Gibbs

Four-organ transplant recipient Haelie Pisciotta puts her arms in the air after performing some tumbles Thursday at Gabrielle Dynamics in Temple. Photo| Michael Miller

No one would guess that the little blonde performing back flips down the indoor track during tumbling class Thursday is anything but healthy.

The child, Haelie Marie Pisciotta, daughter of Rob and Kellie Pisciotta of Belton, is healthy, especially for someone born with Megacystis Microcolon Intestinal Hypoperistalsis Syndrome, which affected her digestive system.

Ten years ago on Saturday, July 17, Haelie, then 10 months old, and had a four-organ transplant at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital as a result of having MMIHS.

Haelie received a pancreas, small and large intestines and a liver.

Following the transplant, Haelie, her mother, and 3-year-old sister, McKenzie, spent eight months in Ohio before Haelie was allowed to return home to Texas.

Earlier this month, the family returned to Cincinnati for Haelie’s annual checkup and all went well, Kellie Pisciotta said. Continue reading