Danville woman in need of heart transplant keeps the faith for her daughter

WDBJ | Danielle Staub

DANVILLE, Va. - Danville woman is sharing her story as she waits for a new heart.

DeShanta Tucker's heart is currently pumping at 20 percent.

She thought she was having anxiety attacks before she went to the doctor in 2011.

Now, Tucker says she keeps her head high and a positive attitude for her 12 year old daughter as she fights to stay alive.

"Like today I feel really great, but tomorrow may not be that and I have to actually stay in bed most of the day and relax and rest," Tucker said.

Doctors diagnosed Tucker with a heart condition when she was 33. After four years of multiple surgeries, she found out she needed a new heart in February.

"No person that is 33 is ever going to think, hey you know this is going to happen to me. The very first thing I thought about was my daughter. And I was like, I cannot leave my daughter. I don't know what I need to do, but lets get started," Tucker said. Continue reading