Delaware man celebrates 10 years with a lifesaving heart

Cape Gazette-Village Soup

Ten years is a big milestone in life - for a wedding anniversary, for a high school reunion, for anything. A decade is a long time. This is a fact that Wyoming resident Ming Lau, DPM, knows all too well. This year, he celebrates the past decade of his life. After years of heart complications due to idiopathic cardiomyopathy, Ming received the gift of life 10 years ago, a new heart.

He suffered years of heart troubles and corrective surgeries, resulting in him being listed on the transplant waitlist. He was very ill, and his life was greatly affected by it. He had always been an active person, swimming and practicing martial arts regularly. He loved to practice martial arts before his heart failed, but was unable to continue due to his condition. He even ran a school for several years, where he taught kung fu and tai chi.

After several corrective surgeries and procedures, his health continued to deteriorate. In 2005, his heart went into failure yet again and he was admitted to the hospital. It was a frightening reality for Ming. They knew he would not be able to leave the hospital until a new heart was available. He was one of four people waiting for a lifesaving heart transplant, some of whom passed away while waiting. This is a reality all too common for those on the transplant waitlist. On average, 22 people die each day while waiting. Continue reading