Doctors describe Angelo Giorno’s recovery after organ transplant as ‘miraculous’


Dean Kuhns (left) with his son, Angelo

Angelo Giorno’s parents said doctors at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh are describing their son’s recovery following an organ transplant as "miraculous."

"They’re all amazed – nurses, everybody," Angelo’s father, Dean Kuhns, said.

Angelo, 4, received an intestines transplant from the same little girl, Olivia, who saved the life of Lucas Goeller, whose story Channel 11’s Courtney Brennan has been following for weeks.

Angelo, Lucas and Olivia captured the nation's hearts with their transplant stories, with cards pouring in from strangers across the globe.

"It's all get well cards from people all over the world, all over the country," Kuhns said.

Kuhns said he’s so thankful for the love and prayers and gets emotional when talking about Olivia and her mother, who donated her liver to Lucas and her intestines to Angelo.

"We can't thank them enough," he said. "One day, we're all going to get together and have a reunion. She wants to hold both boys."

Kuhns said he’s trying to arrange a second reunion, this one with a Pittsburgh police officer. Continue reading