Donate Life ECHO

Donate Life California

Donate Life ECHO, which stands for Every Community Has Opportunity, will be celebrated July 12 – 25, 2015 as a nationwide observance designed to reach multicultural communities. Through the ECHO concept of reiteration and repetition – with people sharing, or ECHOing, the life-affirming message of donation – more lives will be saved and healed. Multicultural communities play a critical role in America’s transplant system. They save and heal lives as donors of organs, eyes and tissue; need life-saving kidney transplants in disproportionately high numbers; and serve patients and families as healthcare professionals. To Learn more click HERE


Make your own social media photo in support of the Donate Life ECHO celebration with one of our downloadable ECHO social media banners. Using photo editing or graphic design software (i.e. Photoshop or free online options like Canva and PicMonkey), simply upload an image of yourself with friends or family and add an ECHO banner as an overlay! Post on your social media pages and ask your personal network to do the same. Be sure to directly ask people to “ECHO” you. Example:

“I am Jerome and I am an organ, eye and tissue donor. Go to to register as a donor. Share this and ECHO me. #DonateLifeECHO”

See here for sample scripts in English, Spanish, Korean, Tagalog and Chinese.

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